Prophets of Albion

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    • Prophets of Albion

      Albion is the land of new beginnings, I came for a new start and to search for magic. All my life I’ve wanted to master the powers that dwell in Albion, bartering with creatures of the forest and the demons that burn with the fires of hell, but I search for more... no amount of power could be greater than what I wish to have. As the people of Albion fight for money, political power and land I seek out something greater. I am in search of prophets, seers of the gods who have created Albion, these gods do not see evil or good they only create, destroy and change the very laws of existence. I must find these prophets and discover what bargain I can make with them.

      Trigodun- 33 AD Day 346 in Albion
    • My first stop was Lymhurst in Celidon. Not to long ago I asked an old friend to gather some information of the prophets. Just a boy, but knows where to find information. I find him in a tavern in the southern end of Lymhurst stealing from peoples pockets, I signal him over and he meets me outside.
      “What have you learned of the prophets Zillian?”
      “Loo’ Trig, I ‘aven’t heard shit, but the best I got was a group of ol’ men talking about ol’ legends saying how the tribesmen of A’bion ‘ave been here for a pretty f**kin’ long time. Honestly you should leave me the f**k alone with my business ‘ey?”
      The kid left back into the tavern before I could respond. Last time I save a little shit from a bunch of drunks, the kid had a point though and I might as well try my chances with the natives of Albion. First I’ll need some help to make sure they cooperate...

      Trigodun- 33 AD Day 347 in Albion