Unsuspicious boxes suggestion

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    • Unsuspicious boxes suggestion

      This is more of a rant than a suggestion tbh.

      Ended up spending 600k worth of faction points trying to do more than one mission at a time.
      I still have the box, but can't complete the missions.

      Rendering the item completely useless.
      There needs to be a way to turn them in at the same location to receive the hearts you spent starting the mission.

      The faction trader says no refunds upon buying the hearts, but not upon starting the missions.
      I do not recall any confirmation box alerting me that my other mission would be cancelled.

      This is the equivalent of a broken quest, except that the npc gets to scam players using an in-game mechanic, or lack thereof making the game seem incomplete and unpolished.
      It serves no purpose other than to waste people's time and money not to refund the hearts from the unsuspicious boxes after they try to start a mission that cancels the mission.

      This is a complete failure in mission/quest planning and application. This is an in game (lack of mechanic) that just scams people out of their money for the game not being fair/clear.
      Hostiles is recruiting new and returning players.

      HCEs/HGs/GvGs are our primary focus.