WorldBosses 17/21UTC

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    • WorldBosses 17/21UTC

      Hello everyone

      Last days Albion missing content for those who wants to fight.
      It is hard to find opponent in open world, mostly it is like horse simulator. Roaming whole mercia or cumbria and killing 5men party in dungeon. Knowing that you have 20, last 10 people in your party probably wont even see enemy.

      GvG - dominated by 5 alts from 1 alliance,
      WC/Castles - you can't fight for it because of numbers.

      So the last two things in this hardcore open pvp game is ganking in small group (you can't provide content for whole guild with 30 active players)

      And WorldBosses, like Camlann, Astolat or even outlands bosses.

      So, KFC and The Reborn can provide you some fun and the spirit of competition!

      We are doing mostly both Bosses (Astolat and Camlann) in average 30 men.
      All of us wearing 7.1-8.0 items, 6.2 artifacts and 4.2 relics, just half using overcharge.

      If you are able to gather 30 poeple from your guild or alliance or even a bit more come to Camlann or Astolat, we will be there ready to fight!

      If you can't have 30 people, feel free to message me in game or discord, we can match.
      /w P0KAHONTAZ

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