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    • New to Albion

      Hello all, My name is Gareth, friends call me Gaz and my handle online is normally Gazatron.. I'm also an 80s kid that grew up on Transformers, So.. Now that I have introduced myself and explained the origin of my username lets talk Albion.

      I watched this game for a few months on its build up through Alpha/Beta and was really keen on this game, But I was turned off that I would have to pay to play even though I haven't tried the game before hand, This isn't unusual with games, But Albion wasn't funded by some big developer so the risk was more as the price was quite high!!
      BUT.. all the Vet's here know this, Basically all I am saying is, That I'm late to the party and now I'm ready to dance! I've watched hours of tutorials on this and tips videos on youtube, and now finally years after release date Im ready to become part of this community.

      I am male, 35 years old, married with two beautiful daughters, and when I get time from family and work I like to game.. I have currently had a dry patch of not having anything to play, Got fed up of PUBG, never tried Fortnite and definetly will not be getting Black Ops 4 just because it has a Battle royal mode in it now..
      I have spent quite a bit of £££ in the last few weeks trying to find that game that I can look forward to playing and jump straight onto when I get home from work or when the kids go to bed, I am still doing the initial tutorial quest and I have that feeling.. This is going to be my game.
      I started gaming through old school RPG/JRPG's from Final Fantasy 1-9 to Diablo 1, 2 and 3 and have been forced to buy titles such as PUBG to have a game in common with my friends, Im not a huge fan on Shooter games, RPG/RTS are more my thing.

      So now Ive introduced myself, feel free to add me in game for a social addition, and be willing to answer the odd question as I will be learning the ropes, there's only so much Youtube video's can teach you.

      Take care all.

      Gazatron (ingame)
      SirGaz (steam)

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    • Evas_Flarelight wrote:

      Hi and welcome to the game @Gazatron! That was an awesome introduction post.

      Thanking you from Wales, for your welcomes!

      10hrs into this and still trying to transition from T2 to T3, This is going to be as much work as my kids i think..

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    • Hi dude:) sweet intro and glad you are here.
      Just had a quick question- have you recently played rise of civilisations on mobile? Just have this feeling that I saw this picture of yours in the same guild as I am.
      Just curious.
      Anyway- father of two here as well. playing only after they had heard their bedtime story and are fast asleep.
      only 7 hours in game but I have the same feeling - like coming home after a long search man.

      Don’t mow me down in the red zones. or do:) fun either way. safe travels, Gaz