Its time for open world building

    • Its time for open world building

      Its time for open world buildings... I’m sure this could be refined/added too, but Ill leave it at this for now:

      • New skill-tree lets us build small structures (Tent, flag pole, campfire, alter…) from what is available in a zone (e.g. t1 stone, t1 wood + zone specific resources like hide). 1-2 structures per “screen” – or appx 25m radius. Structures can provide a small buff to individual, guild and/or alliance members. Small buffs could include: gathering, cc resist, magic buff, energy regen, speed buff, etc…
      • Structures are capturable (ala GvG mechanics), switching the buff to the capturing party
      • Structures are destructible – yielding the resources used to build. In theory same resources can be used to re-place/move said structure.
      • Structures can be upgraded
      • Higher skill specs can: allow for higher tier buildings, speed up build time, reduce resources required to build
      • Its possible to carry in materials not native to zone for the desired buff

      Example 1: I’m a solo PvE player in a dessert biome. I gather 10 t1 stone and 10 wood, and 20 t5 hide, and place/build a small tent that provides a screen wide 10% gathering buff up to T5 animals. An opportunistic PvP player comes by wand wants capture my tent (ala GvG mechanics). He defeats me, and captures my tent, transferring the tent ownership and buff to him. Alternatively, he can destroy the tent and reap the resources used to build it.

      Example 2: Warcamp is going down in 30 min in the mountain biome. Alliance sends out scout/builders to construct alters that increase cc resistance for alliance members within sight of the towers by +25. Opposing ZvZ sends in other scouts, and captures some of the outlying towers, destroying others.

      Also – this could be married with the other vehicle, castle and builder concepts the Devs have talked about. So we have a new builders skill tree with specs:
      • (The idea above) Totems/tents/alters/campfires – small, non-moving structures that provides area buffs for owners. Draws on the magic of the land to provide AOE buffs/de-buffs. 1 item per ~25m allowed.
      • Vehicles, siege weapons, & mount armors – moveable/rideable things like catapult, trebuchet, battering rams, or Mount skins that can provide a special ZvZ skills or Keep/Castle counters (buff, debuff, or aoe attack) to existing mounts
      • Watch Towers, large crossbow, mage towers, boiling cauldrons – requires longer time and/or resources to build. Can place within Keeps/castles and home territory. Also destructible. Similar to mage tower and/or placing mages functions. Typically for home territories long term contested locations. Towers can attack/defend a location based on alliance membership. Could enhance current mage tower spots
      • Rune-Relic type: Keeps, castles and home territory walls- skill here lets to place or add to/build on a structure, up to your Tier skill level. Structures need maintenance/upkeep over time.
    • sounds cool on paper... but why would I want to have a "gather bonus" in 1 screen radius? When I gather - I quickly move from one map to another, let alone just "1 screen"...

      This could maybe be useful for t8 resources inside the WT (but we already get a bonus there), or when/if they move the t8 resources into open world...

      Siege machines and other defenses however is a good idea!
    • I thought the same, but you could be an enterprising lad and setup multiple over a larger area. Or just expand the radius of the item itself. I also initially thought of a bonus to RE spawn time but though that might be too much.

      But yes plenty of other bonuses to choose from.
    • I really like the idea, but screw all the bonuses, you build a tent, with T8 resources, which allows you to respawn in the map, no need to go to Caerleon or your nearest terry.

      Why T8 resources, cause gives the gankers and OW players a chance to get you and make good money out of it, while you are getting the the benefit of respawning in the same map, obvious, you appear naked, so its just a small advantage for the cost, unless you can maybe fit 4 items to take into the camp for when you respawn, but only if you die, so that it cannot be used as a warchest.
    • I would love to see open world building. At some point a Home would be nice to be able to build in ao. Some sort of base of operations. Something that could be taken but was balanced and had security to help prevent this. Making a home to vulnerable makes it not home.

      Islands really don't seem to fill this need. Mostly as they are in town but also because they are stale and not really all that personalized.

      As such I think a balance of home nodes that allow for instances of housing in zone would be nice. Some sort of mechanic for breaking into them vs stealing them would be cool (burglary). If the entrance was hidden but responded to you being in zone or nearby and the burglary mechanic allowed time for you to get there and defend if you are in zone that might work. OR Perhaps the nodes are able to be found but don't show easily (not glowing entrances) and defenses could be built to decrease possibility of intrusion.

      Note: any type of ow building will create clutter issues if it is not instanced, transported on player and used as needed (like a tent in final fantasy but). Otherwise the landscape woul be filled with junk just like furniture was an issue.

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    • Raithe wrote:

      Note: any type of ow building will create clutter issues if it is not instanced, transported on player and used as needed (like a tent in final fantasy but). Otherwise the landscape woul be filled with junk just like furniture was an issue.
      Archeage had the biggest failure in gaming industry with OW building.

      Hack software was developed that could read/modify packets - and people who were not even in the area were able to take over the auctions of the plots and build there. Soon enough all the Chinese gold sellers owned all the "Open world" plots, and the income they generated was being sold on gold seller websites.

      Press F to pay respects...