Season 4 Patch Brings Essential Guild Updates

    • Season 4 Patch Brings Essential Guild Updates

      Hello all,

      With the fourth Guild Warfare Season already underway, GvG warfare has once again come to the world of Albion. The Season 4 Patch, coming October 10, will bring an important change that has long been requested by the Albion Online community: limits on guild- and alliance-hopping.

      Guild and Alliance Cooldowns

      After maintenance on the 10th, the following rules will apply:
      • After joining a guild, you cannot join another guild for 24 hours 48 hours.
      • After joining an alliance, your guild cannot join another alliance for 48 hours.
      • LEAVING a guild or alliance does not trigger any cooldown period.
      We've received a great deal of feedback on this issue, with the general sentiment that the ability to jump from guild to guild with no penalty helps larger guilds maintain their holds on territories and contributes to stagnation of GvG seasons by maintaining the status quo. As such, we're introducing it during this early phase of Season 4 to shake up GvG combat, keep the season interesting, and put smaller and newer guilds on more even footing with larger and more established ones.

      Siphoning Mage Changes

      Additionally, based on community feedback, killing Siphoning Mages will now once again yield season points. In order to prevent exploits, this means that we're also removing the ability to place mages for energy. This change should open up the possibility for players to contribute to their guild's season success outside of GvGs and reset days.

      Warhorses, New Choke Points, and More

      Also coming with this patch are Warhorses, a new item available from the Vanity Merchant in major cities. These mount overlays can be combined with any T5-T8 Armored Horse to create a Warhorse, which keeps the stats of the original mount while prominently displaying the owner's guild logo. Warhorses are perfect for large-scale guild battles, allowing you to stay visible to fellow guild members, rally fellow alliance members, or intimidate your foes – and look good doing it.

      Based on community feedback, we've also updated numerous open-world maps to include more choke points, which allow for a broader range of combat options. Whether you're an attacker or a defender, make sure you're aware of these lower-mobility spots and use them to your advantage! To share your feedback on choke points, please respond to this post already live in the forums: here

      All the details of the Season 4 Patch will be published soon in the Feedback Testserver forum.
    • Raithe wrote:

      And the warhorse when looted shows the guild of whoever is wearing it I would assume? Just like a cape?

      The war horse looks awesome btw. Can you add the ability to not display a flag though? It would be nice to turn these off if you dont like them or want to use that to signify a division of troops.
      can you take the skin part of it off? Or is it permanent once applied?