Loot tables group mobs (black/golden)

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    • I think loot is based on certain zone settings. The tier of the zone may limit the tier of items found there.

      I've noticed Astolat is a red zone (that forces you to flag), but drops better loot than a black zone dungeon like Stonetop Sink... I'm assuming that's because it's actually "more risky" since people can see the flag counter and hunt for the fame farmers.

      That's my opinion, based on a large sample size of fame farming in various areas.
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    • Thanks for the input so far. It would be really great to hear from the Dvelopers on this. No specific formulas needed but at least an aproximate tendency wouold be really great. I d for example like to know whether golden mobs from astolat drop different/better loot than golden mobs from Astolat.
      @Fusionbomb Yea the TIER of the zone determines things like runes, gold and certain item groups for sure but I dont support the asumption thta the black zone dungeon yields less loot in generall. Contrary to that I have teh impression that closed bz dungeons provide a bit more/better loot than red zone dungeons/zones in general. I think there were official statements about that but couldnt find it anywhere.

      @Elsa @Dexter As active players, do you guys know maybe more about this?