Development Roadmap beyond Merlyn

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    • Development Roadmap beyond Merlyn


      Fellow Adventurers,

      After unleashing the factions of Albion in our Merlyn update two months ago, it’s time for a new roadmap update.

      The core focus of our next updates is to provide a wide range of exciting activities and goals to a larger number of players and to make these activities more rewarding.

      With the topics in this roadmap we aim to:

      • Increase the amount of content and breadth of activities for existing Albion Online players
      • Address issues with existing gameplay systems to improve the experience of playing Albion Online for all players
      • Improve the accessibility of Albion Online to increase the number of new players finding their way into the game and their retention, to ensure a steady growth of the playerbase
      PvP & Open World Objectives
      • Crystal Realm GvG Battles - Making GvG more accessible
        • GvG battles are a staple of the high end guild gameplay in Albion Online. While exciting, many would agree that they happen way too rarely to entertain more than a small group of very dedicated players.
        • To open opportunities for GvG style battles to more players, we’re introducing “Crystal Realm GvG Battles”
        • For each watchtower a guild owns, they will earn one battle slot for one of their teams to fight in a Crystal Realm Battle
        • There are two time zone groups for battles, each territory will be in one of these two groups based on its prime time
        • All fights in a time zone group happen at the same time, encouraging guilds to build several active GvG teams if they want to lay claim to all the rewards from the Crystal Realm
        • Rewards for this activity include guild ranking points, siphoned energy and powerful personal rewards for the fighters, like combat fame boosts
      • Treasure Rebalancing
        • We’ll rebalance (and dramatically increase) the rewards for treasure chests in the open world, encouraging more active competition over them
      • "Season Hellgates” (20vs20)
        • Right now, there are few rewarding ZvZ activities in the game which come with significant personal rewards for players- and at the same time there are not many ways to contribute directly to your guild’s season performance throughout the day. This is something we’d like to change with “Season Hellgates”.
        • At several pre-announced times during the day, access points to new large scale 20vs20 Hellgates spawn in the Outlands
        • Their position will be randomized each time, but it will be known before they spawn
        • Players can fight over access to these gates and of course inside these gates for significant personal rewards (like fame and loot) as well as Season Points for their guilds and alliances
      • Outland Outposts
        • We’re planning to adapt the Faction Warfare outposts to the Outlands, allowing alliances to capture them (instead of factions)
        • Participating players will receive significant personal rewards, while capturing these outposts will yield season points for their guild/alliance (split amongst guilds in the alliance)
        • Owning the outpost will also provide buffs in the local region, like fame, loot and yield bonuses
        • This feature will allow small groups to engage in a valuable open-world activity all throughout the day, making progress while contributing to their guild’s success
      • Player-built Castles and Castle sieges
        • Further down the roadmap, we’re planning a massive overhaul of the castles
        • Castles should become the focus of massive alliance fights over their control
        • For this purpose we want to introduce rules for declaring attacks against them, allowing us to balance out the number of attackers and defenders
        • Additionally we will introduce completely new siege equipment as well as buildable defensive structures
        • These changes will be introduced once the above features have made the current castles obsolete as an anytime PvP activity
      • New Items & Balancing
        • We’ll continue to grow the pool of equipment choices for the “You are what you wear” system
        • Next up will be an additional set of artifact capes, this time originating from drops in the open world
        • Of course we’ll continue to tweak the existing weapons and armor, focusing on improving the viability of seldomly used items.

      Open World & PvE

      • Tier 8 resource redistribution
        • Some of the Tier 8 resources will be removed from territories and redistributed into the open world. Territories will remain valuable due to the siphoned energy they generate.
      • Lesser Guardians
        • Each biome will get a new version of their Guardian Elementals balanced as a tough fight for 3-5 players with significant resource rewards.
        • These can spawn anywhere in the world, encouraging groups to hunt for these valuable creatures.
      • Rare mobs
        • In addition to Guardian Elementals, we’re planning to add additional rare open-world mob spawns which range from small (soloable) rare creatures to massive open world fights which require very large player groups and yield massive rewards
        • These spawns would NOT be announced on the world map, and can instead be discovered while roaming the world (though maybe we’ll announce that a particularly rare mob has spawned somewhere in the region)

      • Randomized Open World Dungeons
        • We’re currently working on a system for Dungeon randomization, which randomizes both dungeon positions and contents
        • Player groups will be able to roam the world, looking for these dungeon entrances, discovering how deep they go (they can have multiple levels!) and what special loot they contain
        • Other players will be able to follow them into these Dungeons and engage them in open-world PvP, but since their location is randomized it’ll be much harder to camp these dungeons than the large fixed locations we have right now
        • Using consumable maps found in the open world, players will be able to find significantly more difficult dungeons with significantly boosted rewards
        • With their high reward level, high availability, and relative safety these dungeons will tempt many Expedition players into the open world

      Outland Seasons

      • Guild & Alliance Hopping Limits
        • We’re planning to restrict the ability to quickly change guilds to one guild change every 24 to 48 hours (exact cooldowns have yet to be decided)
        • We’re also planning to restrict the frequency of Alliance changes for guilds to a similar frequency to prevent Alliance hopping
        • Mercenary invites for GvGs will remain limited to within an Alliance - this will mean mercenaries will have to commit to one Alliance for at least 24-48 hours.
        • We’re planning to introduce this change before the end of Season 4!
      • Season Points for Siphoning Mages & Rogue Mage Removal
        • In response to recent feedback, we want Siphoning mage kills to yield season points again
        • To prevent exploits, this means we’ll have to remove the ability to place your own mages for energy
        • In the long run, it is conceivable that mages will be replaced entirely, as other features will allow players to contribute to their guild’s season score at any time
      • Season Point Sharing in Alliance
        • As an implicit alliance cost, we’ll make a change to split any season points and energy earned amongst Alliance members- this will mean a formal alliance is only possible while equally sharing the benefits of that alliance.
      • Season Rewards
        • We’ll continue to add and improve guild warfare season rewards from season to season, iterating on the idea of personal rewards for helping your guild

      Adventurer’s Challenges
      • Starting in October 2018, players will be able to earn individual rewards for their general activity ingame throughout the month
      • These rewards are quite powerful, but they’re limited to once per paying player - this should allow us to hand out nice rewards to most players, independent of their level of play, without a long term risk to the game economy, since these items can’t be “mass grinded”
      • This is also the first time we’re having a very limited amount of ‘non-tradeable’ item rewards. This is a concept we needed to introduce to make sure individual fame progress rewards do not end up on the market while still handling them as items (which has many technical and design advantages). That said, this feature will remain extremely limited in use and we have no plans to extend it beyond these few cases.
      • We’re excited to see how you’ll receive the first Adventurer’s Challenge and expect to continue to develop the feature as we go along.

      Social & New Player Experience

      • New Starting Experience
        • We’re working on a completely new starting experience
        • New players will be able to select their starting town
        • The initial island will be extended to cover additional tutorial topics and we’re adding more explanations for beginning players

      • Albion Academy
        • Albion Academy is a new system building you’ll find in starting towns
        • It will provide quests for new players, encouraging them to learn Albion’s systems and rewarding them for trying out PvP, guilds, open-world PvE, and other features many new players are reluctant to try

      • Party Finder
        • The party finder will enable players to start “lobbies” for activities they want to pursue in Albion Online
        • Other players can browse these lobbies and join these activities, enabling solo players (or players whose guild mates are not online) to find other players for the activities they want to pursue

      • Mentoring System
        • We’re planning to introduce a mentoring system, which rewards experienced players for tutoring beginning players and supporting them while they find their bearings in Albion Online
      General Improvements
      • In addition to these large features, we’re also working on a long list of frequently requested convenience features and improvements:
        • The ability to change your guild logo after your guild has been created
        • A proper preview for your guild logo while setting it up
        • Making sure gear is properly locked in duels
        • Players with a pre-arranged party remain in party after an Expedition or Arena match ends
        • A keyboard shortcut to move items without stacking
        • Showing the party leader highlighted on the minimap and in the world (to identify the position of a shot-caller)
        • Showing party role icons in the open world
        • The ability to mark particular opponents for your party members
        • The ability to cancel construction sites without using a siege hammer
        • Better implementation of the minimap-pings, sharing them within the party as well as guild
        • A much longer chat history(!)
        • Placing buildings and farmables via the mouse cursor
        • Improving the death screen to prevent accidental deaths
        • And much more...

      The above features are what we currently have in mind for the next updates. We will go further into detail which features will be rolled out with which update in future announcements.

      As always, not everything that is planned is listed here, and everything on the list is subject to change as we advance further in the development process.

      Thanks for reading!

      - Eltharyon

      PS.: We will collect as many questions as we can from this thread for our live developer Q/A stream that will be broadcasted on AlbionTV at 18:00 UTC tomorrow, Thursday the 27th of September.
    • Pretty nice! I just feel that it's pretty vague tho... specially when in the end you say "not everything that is planned is listed here, and everything on the list is subject to change as we advance further in the development process."

      It sounds a bunch of ideas put together with no timeline for them.

      Anyway, nice concepts, I want to fastfoward life til those ideas are implemented ingame :P

      monkey see, monkey do

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    • To everyone asking for dates this is just a road map for the next year or so of albion. so expect all these changes to be out around December 2019. some will come sooner but if you just want to wait for all of it give it a year.

      A question to the live Q and A stream. I feel like silver is having a bit of an inflation issue due to HCE and laborers. In the road map looks like you will be added more loot and silver in a few ways. 20 vs 20 hell gates while trashing lots of gear will also add lots of silver to the economy if there are any dead gates. remember its loot for 20 people. The treasure re balance is desperately needed but again will be adding more silver to the economy. rare mobs im sure will drop more silver to be worth going out for. multi level dungeons will add silver.

      Is there any plans to add more silver sinks?