Black Monk Staff- Fatal blade(E)

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    • Black Monk Staff- Fatal blade(E)

      I thought it sounded good on paper, but in theory it appears the aoe is quite small and with movement buffs or many other spells the enemy just moves out of the tiny aoe, its short duration is bad because it takes most of the spell to build up stacks before its effective, by this stage enemy just leaves the circle as movement/dmg is only hindered by 8% slower speed and 24% less dmg in the 1 second it takes them to move out of tiny circle, Not too mention its extremely easy to spot. Suggestion would be to increase the Aoe Size considerably or allow all the stacks to build up faster/ Make it instant cast and forget/Or Increase duration to 8-10 seconds, Could even reduce healing power by x, sitting there taking dmg and being defenseless for little effect is a bad idea in any game.
      Dmg is very low hits, however i don't think quarterstaff should be king of dmg dealing, i think the above could do with a buff and you could remove/lessen dmg further as its uselessly low and wont be missed.

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