Shoulder Belt [Item Idea]

  • Shoulder Belt [Item Idea]

    Item: Shoulder Belt
    Item Type: Bag (Just missing the pouch that makes it a bag)
    Crafting: Tool Maker, Tier 3 – 8, possible mats Hides, Cloth, and/or Metal (buckle for the belt)

    The fairly recent thread Run Faster on Road gave me an idea for an item. First off, let me say that there were concerns about travel speed on the roadways of Albion in the past, in Spring ’14, and from those concerns came mounts, more basic roadway design (much less winding), and fast travel between ports (for a fee). It would stand to reason that if Sandbox Interactive decided to approach this issue in such a way, that making road based foot-travel x% faster would not appear to be as simple a solution as some people think it might be.

    To quote Aragorn from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, “Leave all that can be spared, we travel light”. This sentiment focuses on weight reduction for increased speed over a long-duration of travel, allowing a person to cover more ground in the same amount of time. This also points out the Knapsack Problem, that people around the world have dealt with for centuries; given either a limited space or a limited weight capacity, a person must establish value for potential items to be carried and then decide what items to take with them.

    So I am suggesting a method by which players might travel faster, while sacrificing a portion of their carrying capacity. This solution however may prove too strong by itself, so I would suggest an additional decrease in the Armor bonus against mobs (PvE only). The roadways were fairly safe from mobs during the last alpha, so if the purpose for this requested speed increase is for faster roadway travel, then the PvE armor bonus shouldn't be too concerning.

    Immersion Discussion

    I have seen multiple examples where members of the forum ask about how mechanics might be explained from a perspective of immersion. Technically, the benefit and detriments both come from the item, but for immersion sake, I will explain my logic: You are what you wear. Sometimes, what one wears may not imbue the wearer with magical power, but it might be an outward expression of one’s determination, position, or status, ex. Guild emblem and colors. The Shoulder belt is meant to represent a player’s view or mindset; determined in such a way, a player can cast aside their satchel, refuse to carry more than a limited burden, and focus their attention on faster travel speed. The focus on speed, however, does carry additional risk to one’s safety.

    Finally, because I enjoy choice, I am suggesting that there be three passives that players can choose from for this piece of equipment, each targeted at a different audience: Traveler, Bandit, and Soldier. Now the technical tid-bits :)

    Passive TypePercent Move Speed BenefitCarry Capacity DetrimentPvE Armor Bonus Detriment

    As always, let me know your thoughts! :)
  • it will be a pvp requirement to have max movement speed. so if everyone has it does it still serve a purpose or did you just make the normal movement speed faster
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    Mar 2nd 2015 - Hi @Pagodin ,

    very good formatting. Makes it easy to quickly get what you are aiming for.
    Consider yourself as part of the pvp testing team (in case you want to)!

  • OK, so the Soldier Passive increase to movement speed as suggested would look like this

    Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6Tier 7Tier 8
    Soldier Passive12%13%15%16%17%18%

    I wrote this with the full intention of suggesting a more mobile PvP experience, increasing the need for coordinated tactics and skill. At the same time, movement via horse, armored horse, or dire mount will still be a good deal faster, ensuring the continued viability of mounts. If targets are more mobile, it may increase the importance of strong CC support and the value of ranged attacks. There is also loot to consider, as you need to choose between speed and carry capacity, risk vs. reward.

    To answer your last question, for hardcore PvP players, the detriments may be worth the increased movement speed, making it a new normal for PvP, but not necessarily for Transporters, Gatherers, or other capacity conscious professions.

    This idea of course may still need tweaking. If it is too strong, it can be toned down a little, but the target benefit needs to (1) still satisfy the move faster crowd and (2) have a benefit that is comparable to the current bag.
  • my concern is the size of zones is not that large and there are currently multiple speed enhancements. Does the game really need another one just to make it faster between immunity shields ?

    Boots have small passive buff +1 active speed buff, you can get offensive stance on chest for speed buff and another if you use throwing knives.

    People were already running down horses. You could also notice when people did not have the passive increase on boots and it was only a small amount.

    In PvP being slower than anyone else pretty much means you are going to die. or not be able to kill anyone. It also makes you a liability to anyone else you are with that is faster than you since you slow them down to stay with you and im not talking about hardcore pvp players im talking about anyone that goes into pvp areas
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    Mar 2nd 2015 - Hi @Pagodin ,

    very good formatting. Makes it easy to quickly get what you are aiming for.
    Consider yourself as part of the pvp testing team (in case you want to)!

  • @Pagodin , it also means that the danger for guarding possible convoys or transports is even higher. Just think about food or equipment transportation. If local battle vaults are still in the works, it means that there is a real need for protective services.

    This item suggestion does come with concerns, which is why discussion about ideas is critical. Is the benefit too strong and/or are the detriments too weak?