Testserver Patch Notes - Merlyn Patch #4

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    • Testserver Patch Notes - Merlyn Patch #4

      Merlyn Patch 4 - Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 125277

      • In addition to being muted in chat, characters you mute will now no longer be able to send ingame mails to you
      • Removing loot items from a corpse when mounted will now cause you to dismount
      • Coloring of roads in swamp biome has been adjusted to make them more visually distinguishable from the environment
      • The damage of the Demon Imp's attack was higher than intended and has been reduced

      • Numerous Marketplace and UI fixes:
        • Changing the price of a buy order to match an existing sell order now fulfills the order
        • Fixed an issue where the item quality would not update correctly when using the item quality dropdown menu in the Marketplace popup
        • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace orders tab did not update correctly after altering sell orders
        • Sell order list in the Marketplace details window flyout now shows higher quality items as well
        • Fixed an issue where guild logos would be missing in the Guild Details Season Info UI
        • Fixed an issue where a tooltip could get stuck to the cursor when reopening the Craft Building UI
        • Fixed an issue where an unlocalized string would appear when creating buy orders
        • Fixed an issue where the GvG win ratio would not be displayed correctly in the Guild stats UI
        • Fixed an issue where the trading UI would not open for players with over a certain amount of Silver
        • Fixed an issue where text was not properly displayed in different languages for Arena or Expedition Details UI
      • Fixed an issue where character location was not updated when knocked back during gathering
      • Hellgates no longer apply an Outlaw debuff
      • Players who can get out of range of Disembowel (for instance with Blink) will no longer receive damage or be rooted
      • The popup for Expedition rewards now displays the correct icon for Silver
      • Additional minor graphical, UI, environment, and localization fixes