Imbuers Eating up hapiness from Cropper trophies

  • Imbuers Eating up hapiness from Cropper trophies

    I had 9 cropper labourers and 2 imbuers.

    i had the following trophies
    Normal Trophie:

    special trophy

    The hapiness was lower then 90.

    The hapiness went to the right amount on the croppers when i removed 2 croppers, wich made my total labourer count to 9.
    Wich makes me assume the imbuers eat up the hapiness generated by the cropper trophies. But they dont benefit from it. So they only eat it up.
  • Since you have more than 3 laborers you must be using a guild hall. The problem is, in a guild hall instead of getting 10 points for each special trophy you are only getting 3 points for each special trophy. I reported this bug last week. In houses there is no problem you get the proper points per trophy but in a guild hall you are only getting 1/3 the proper points for specialist trophies.
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