Immortals Guild - Playing in EU Time Zones - Apply Now!

  • A lot happened the past few weeks in game, forcing immortals to merge with HnS NA. Ofc that is seen as a great opportunity for our members to grow stronger and be part of something great in game. That being said , Immortals guild is not dieing. As the new leader of the guild , with the remaining , mostly casual players, will try and build the guild back as home for many new comers and casual players. Being part of the gear alliance that gives the opportunity to have access to end game content, while putting as many hours as you wish in game with no one putting pressure on you. So if you want to be part of the rebuilt feel free to pm me in discord [MTU] AbunA #2291 or apply in game !!!
  • Immortals old and new are starting up again in Darkfall New Dawn

    See below for details!

    What is Darkfall: New Dawn?

    Darkfall: New Dawn (DND) is an FPS-MMORPG set in the high-fantasy, vast, un-instanced world of Agon. The Darkfall franchise was originally launched by Aventurine Studios (a totally different development team) in 2009, with Darkfall Online. Aventurine then morphed it into the often-criticised Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and struggled to return that game to Darkfall’s glory days of 2009-2012.

    It’s the only game around that’s got high-skilled FPS PvP, massive clan and alliance warfare, politics, war-mongering, spying, diplomacy, crafting, trading and PvE – all in the one place. The game breeds a social nature.

    The graphics might look outdated now, but the gameplay remains superb. The changes its new developers Ub3rgames have brought to the game have already gone a long way.

    So what’s changed from the original Darkfall game?

    Some highlights that are in for launch:

    • Localisation – banking and marketplaces will be local but you will have global access to your gold (Think EVE Online)

    • Armour traits – different armour types provide different potencies, and you can mix and match to suit your own playstyle

    • Titles – you can choose how you want to specialise in the available skills with up to 5 different titles (think of this like a skills soft cap/class system)

    • Meaningful alignment – going red (Bad) is a choice, but one that will make things much harder for those who dare kill their own kind, risk vs reward!

    • Spawn scaling – work together (even with people you don’t know) to get more loot and XP: mobs get harder and give better gains/loot when you bring more people.

    • No fast travel – keeping the world localised, encouraging trade and the need to defend local, specialised resources. Control your own territory or encroach on your neighbours!

    • Village control points – ‘king of the hill’ style village captures to gain your clan much needed clan meditation points, gold and local resources – and the same for you too!

    • PvP has completely changed – gone is the old DFO meta where you needed to level up all skills to be viable. In come reactive blocking, weapons that are all useful (even the one-handed weapons and shield combos), encumbrance and magnitude greatly affecting archery, spell powers and damage.

    • Mount inventories – to help you carry your gear, loot and wares

    • Dynamic harvesting – the further you are from safety, the better drops you’ll be getting

    So much more than can be listed here!




    Ub3rgames – the game’s developers – have confirmed that Darkfall: New Dawn will launch on 26 January 2018