Emergency Drop Inventory

  • Emergency Drop Inventory

    Some Gatherer complain they are victims and being the source of fun for Gankers because the overload after dismounting is giving them zero chance. How about a easy keyboard combination simillar to the overload feature combo, that let you drop (destroy) all ressources that ain't end products such as tools, armors, consumables etc.

    It would give gatherers a chance to escape and safe their equipment+mount and the ganker still have 5 minutes to get the full loot. The gatherer lose most of his inventory even if he escape, but its his choice and he can't come to the forums anymore to complain how unfair albion is. Would this result in more ressources being destroyed wich is good for the economy or would it harm the economy because more gather sets and mounts survive ? Would this kill the fun for gankers ? What do you think ?