New Video Review of Albion Online

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  • I agree with him that the maps are pretty boring. They really are just a bunch of copied tile-sets with randomized obstacles/paths. It would be much more interesting if the maps had more variety and were more unique in their obstructions/items of interest creating longer chokes or larger sectioned off areas that will naturally change the way people behave when on that map and add more strategy to holding certain positions for ganking or doing larger scale ZvZ and giving a smaller number of players holding a superior position a better chance vs a larger number in an inferior one. (Ribcage is a great example of a semi-interesting map layout that more maps should be like)

    That said a lot of his other stuff is definitely not what I've experienced or just wrong. There's plenty of places for small groups of players to PvP without rep loss without having to go the BZ (Astolat, Camlann, Relic lockers, Hellgates, and now faction flagging as well in literally any zone). Also his point about a party of blue players coming up on another one to steal their fame spot/loot. Yes that happens, but if you flag up on the blue players they don't welcome it, they hightail it the hell out of there unless they have wayyyy more numbers. I don't think I've ever flagged up on a blue party and not had them spaghetti all over the place and A-out or sprint away. Also when flagged I've found getting back to town almost always very safe. Unless you're mass murdering people right outside town with a zerg of unflagged people at the gate few blues would even attempt to chase you down if you're not solo. Let alone across multiple zones to keep you out of Caelreon.

    The reputation system has some issues imo and does overly penalize for ganking, but it's not this complete shutdown of all PvP outside of bz as he describes, especially with the new faction stuff. Besides you can find plenty of small scale combat in the black zone if you want to PvP in a small guild, just because they are zergfests at warcamp/castle times doesn't mean you cant gank smaller groups all the time going to dungeons or hellgates or to and from territories.

    I agree that the speed of the game does lower the skill ceiling and difference in play from the good vs the exceptional, but that gap is still clearly there as evidenced from the difference in strength of a Top GvG team and one starting out. The game would be pretty imbalanced if it played as fast paced as league due to the single server for all regions. People on east coast US would just shit all over everyone due to low ping which would make the game less skill based instead of more imo. One thing I think that would help though is to make the cape ability active and tweak them a bit giving everyone another skill to use/play around.
  • Yeah i saw it,already clicked on dislike button.

    When i complain or cry on SBI on this forum(as a loyal player) - i wona make this game better and rush developers to improve this project. And they are evolving -making updates , fixes etc. ,even if not with such speed progression ,as i wanted too. But they are trying.

    But when i see such nerd on youtube with bad promotion on this game,with no clue and "normal" game experience(according what did he say) - fuck him.