Albion Online's development focus from Cross-Platform to PC

  • Albion Online's development focus from Cross-Platform to PC

    I came across this Article that sheds some light on Albion Online's development. David Salz was interviewed by Matthew Handrahan, Editor-in-Chief of GamesIndustry.Biz in an article published last August 2, 2018. It highlights some imteresting points when Albion Online just started development at a time when Tablets and Mobile devices were gaining attention as the next generation gaming platform. Here are some snippets:

    "Albion Online officially launched for PC in July 2017, after a whole year of beta testing. The mobile versions remain in beta, however, the result of another key change in the industry to which Salz and Sandbox had to react. Albion was conceived as a cross-platform MMO, perhaps the first where the exact same game would be playable on PC and mobile. But that was in 2012, Salz says, when tablets were taking the industry by storm.

    "It looked like they were going to be a very big thing. Some people even talked about the end of the PC - as they always do. We thought, 'Okay, this may not be what is actually going to happen, but it is certainly something that's hard to ignore.' We absolutely wanted to be on mobile devices, just in case."

    "It quickly became clear that our main audience was on PC, because it is a hardcore game. Looking at the market today, I cannot imagine Albion Online competing. It's just not that kind of game, and it's not what we're aiming for. A major thing for us now is mobile as a secondary device for people that are playing on PC."

    "This fed directly into another key change in the industry, specifically around Albion's business model. Just as it was conceived to be cross-platform, Sandbox has intended to launch it as a free-to-play title back in 2015. Instead, it launched on Steam under a buy-to-play model, with a €30 price-tag before players can access the game's content and generous regular updates."

    "The whole structure of how the game works just works better with a buy-to-play model," Salz says. "That doesn't mean we're not thinking about alternatives, but we haven't said anything yet and we're not ready to say anything yet.

    "It depends on so many factors. One question is, would a buy-to-play model work on mobile? We haven't officially released the mobile version yet, and one of the reasons is the question about the business model. Otherwise you can play the game on mobile right now - a lot of people do, in fact - but we haven't entered the Play and iOS stores yet

    "It also depends simply on sales figures. We're monitoring when and how people are spending money, how they interact with the game, so as long as we feel that this is predominantly a buy-to-play game for the community we're going to stick with that. But if, at some point, the community pivots towards something else, we may not have a choice but to also pivot to something else."

  • Reacting to market trends? Why not.

    I don't see anything to concerning or super newsworthy?

    Tablets are getting good enough to run the game for farming / laborers .. maybe even single player expeditions.

    I am hoping they will reference the future in that regard in their upcoming roadmap sometime soon.. .

    I just hope I can continue to use my tablet as an emergency AO tool when I'm on the road :) .
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  • Scipianas wrote:

    DAOC was a significantly better game with a larger player base.
    Albion probably needs to develop a marketing strategy or significantly better content than Meryln delivered to avoid a FTP model. That said look at POE. that game crushes it as FTP and is also a very good game.
    My whole point is that DAoC has a tiny playerbase now (and classes are far more unbalanced than AO), but the game still costs $15/m.
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  • Scipianas wrote:

    Is there still ongoing development in DAOC?
    The patches have been far and few between for the last several years. They made some significant changes to classes a couple years ago, and spent more time undoing those changes lol. DAoC is still fun and playable, but is quite different from the way it was at launch... classes are pretty balanced for the most part, the biggest problem is the low population.

    They (Broadsword) recently launched their Official Forums and are in the works for a restricted F2P model, and I think they hope to have that launched by the end of this year, which should help (some) with the population issue. ^^
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