Should I use this Alt?

    • Should I use this Alt?

      Currently my main character is maxed fame for my non-artifact healer set (4 masteries and 4 specs all maxed). I'm t8-t5-t5-t5-t3 in the gathering (I dont skin). I have no learning points and I'm probably poor compared to most players.

      I have a character with almost no playtime and 1700 learning points. Right now I'm building fame credits and working on a second gathering skill. I've noticed that it wouldn't hurt having a DPS alternative as a healer is not always needed. Also gathering starts going super slow around t5 with 3-4 learning points being equivalent to 1 hour of punching rocks.

      Should I keep to one character so that I get more crossover with maxed out combat skills and fame credits while also being able to farm multiple nodes at once (lets say im grabbing ore and i notice a 6.3 tree, it'd be nice to be able to farm it). Or should i utilize the alt to get more learning points? It'd be easy to make the focus points pay for the subscription on the alt so I'm mostly talking about the time invested.