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    • Weekend_Warriors, part of the [DEEP] alliance, is recruiting new members of all experience levels! We currently have 60+ active members.

      We are a casual guild with experienced members that firmly believe real
      life comes first. We understand that people have jobs, families, etc.
      and these responsibilities should always come before the world of
      Albion. We have a very friendly and active discord channel -- hop on to
      chat with us today: discord.gg/wUeEGq

      What we can offer you:

      - An alliance with over 200+ active members.

      - Daily Fame Farms in red/black zones.

      - Crafting/Gathering groups with armed transports to Caerleon

      - Faction Warfare

      - PVP/Gank Groups

      - A very tight-knit group of friends and an all-around awesome community

      If you are interested, please reach out to me in-game: Reeky or shoot me a message on discord: Reeky#6273