Testserver Patch Notes - Merlyn Patch #3

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  • Testserver Patch Notes - Merlyn Patch #3

    Merlyn Patch 3 - Ver. 1.12.365 / REV 124291 - 22 August 2018

    • Upgrading, repairing and construction of buildings is now much faster and is the same speed throughout all tiers of resources.
    • Marketplace buy amount can now be set in the Options-Interface, 1 or maximum. The default value has been set back to 1. (Not in the current version)
      • Known issue: The description for this setting is only in english at the moment.
    • Added various tooltips
      • Destiny Board Tracker tooltip displays now the required amount of learning points for a node that is ready to be learned.
      • Item durability tooltip shows durability in current value/max value.
      • Hovering over shortened Silver amounts will now display the full value.
        • 13kk Silver → 13056732 Silver
    • Leaving a guild as a last member or abandoning guild island requires additional confirmation

    • Fixed coloring for average prices in the marketplace for different states (selling buying etc. - e.g: selling over average is indicated as green, buying over average as red)
    • Fixed an issue where party members may be hidden on minimap from zerg marker. Now party members are always rendered on top.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use learning points when opening Destiny Board via the item details UI.
    • Fixed an issue where editing sell orders would accept items of higher quality.
    • Fixed an issue where the Lymhurst Champion re-summons his boar, Boaris, even though it is still alive.
    • Fixed gibberish speech bubbles when world map was open.

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