This is alpha/beta?

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    • This is alpha/beta?

      Hi,maybe I'm wrong,but I thought I BOUGHT a game that is not already in the beta phase but now it seems to me that it's alpha or beta because 14 days since the release of the merlyn update is in game a lot of bugs...

      For example fishing,is really beautifully full of bugs,no sound,in water is your swimmer even if you are not cast,animation when you catch fish is still on water even you are not catch fish,you hear multiple sounds when you cathing fish(no other fisherman near you)....Many this bugs is know,i reported no sound bug some little hours after merlyn starting and still not repair it.. 14 days...

      Guards in Caerleon no deal damage...Know bug.

      And more,more,more...

      For example,i am fisherman and my income its only from fishing and now its for me impossible fishing thanks to bugs (you can try watching swimmer for x hours and your eyes get realy tired,because its no sound on cath fish) so every day i wait for patch where you repair it but every day it does not come and it's a huge disappointment every day for me..

      You made fishing guide and your fishing in game is totaly broken,are you ok?What about it first repair it?Its joke from you or what?You not have test server or what?Merlyn come out with many many bugs and 2 weeks ago and still many many bugh is alive...If you not know,all people what play your game BUY the game,spend money and where is service for palyers?This is beta phase or what?

      You need more players,you made new content.For first go and work for stability your game with low % of bugs and then you can get more people or contents..

      You get money from people so made for people who give you money something and go and work on bugs!

      For now :thumbdown: .

      I love the game and i wish more people in this game but same i wish more work from creator game at repair bugs and game stability.So i hope..
      Sorry for my bad english.
    • Finaly is updated,but still is many bugs in game..I dont know for what devs have test server because run merlin with many many bugs and still is not all repair(i dont know if all coming with merlin or its old bugs)..If albion will be for free is ok because you cant need from somethings what is for free 100% no bugs but if is game for money and then you pay for playtime too i need from devs some things like very low % of bugs,but this not happend..Any game designers in any games looking for new players,more players and in albion is same but for first devs must know one true,no one play and PAY for sometnig where is many many bugs and where is repair time very long..As i say i am not hater,i like this game and on my free days i play like 15hours/day but devs must get more work to stabilization game..