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    • Love it, its so simple but would add so much. Instead of teleporting with magic to the black zones guilds would have to sail with big ships having their resources either on one ship with a few cannons or maybe one resource ship and two smaller ships with weapons to defend it.

      What about deep sea diving with those old old fashioned diving suit as well.

      Or if that is too modern maybe a diving bell

      And if that is still too far from the Albion vision hell why cant we just use Magic to teleport down to the ocean surface for a small period of time with the location based on where your ship is and you would need a mage to cast a water breathing spell and you would move slower and attack slower or a mage could cast a spell to make a aura around you and everyone would have to stay in that as it would part the sea and hey it could be a way to fish if you walk close to fish they fall to the ground as you would have made an air bubble in the aura.

      In my opinion i would add all of these but not in a super complex way. Keep it simple but having multiple ways of doing something lets everyone have fun :3

      (I really need to write a suggestion thread for Shape shifting druids, Tracking of both players and animals/rare animals, Traps for both players and animals and hiding and ambushing using trees and rivers but i would need to go into detail with balance otherwise i think everyone would just go "Nope too OP")

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    • A way of implementing ships would be building a dock on your personal island or guild island and once its build you would then be able to build different tires of ships and once they are build you can get on them and then set sail. The black zones on the edge of the continents could have dock areas that guilds can take over and build their ships to transport large resources and you could keep the teleportation system but limit the amount of resources you can teleport with. A way to stop guilds just getting loads of players together to teleport their resources would be to have a resource limit attached to their guild and every guild member who teleports with resources and then puts them into a guild building it would take a few points away from that limit. So individual players could take resources and not effect the overall guild resource limit unless they used it for guild buildings. The docks would be used for free resource moving.

      Dock Ideas