Open letter to SBI with summary of their new-content development

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  • Open letter to SBI with summary of their new-content development

    Hello Dear SBI,

    I'd like to summarize content extensions that you've done for the last year.

    But first let me describe what is my motivation to spend so much time to write such a wall of text.

    I am quite dedicated player who spent around 2 months in-game (at least half of it is afking though). I love the game thus I don't want SBI developers to put more effort and resources into bad expansions, something that they will put again in DEAD state.

    I want the community to have a positive discussion where we can have a chance to describe our personal experience, share opinions by giving examples from our own gameplay and suggest developers what we expect. This letter isn't about me - it's about the game, players and fun they should have by playing Albion. In the end, it’s about making the game better and more popular so we don’t struggle with low-activity in game. So hopefully better experience > more fun > more players > more money for SBI > more possibility to expand the game and fix technical issues.

    I will start with myself as I feel we never had a chance to summarize game-development decisions, and I have a feeling that my personal expectations are not satisfied. I am happy with everything new, but let's put curiosity on a side and let’s go straight to detailed analysis of their new-content development.

    Since this post will be extremally long, I don’t even hope other players will read it. However, I hope SBI employees feel obligated to read it. It is your job to develop the game and satisfy your customers, which I happen to be.


    Let me split this letter into couple sections, due to limitation of post-length I will split it into comments:

    1. New content list

    2. How it evolved / current state

    3. My opinion on that content

    4. What type of content game needs / my random ideas

    5. Summary
  • 1. New content list


    Joseph brought some great improvements like smart casts, but to make the post short as possible - let's focus only on new content so regardless of mechanic/bug/qol/balance updates.

    • New expeditions
    Two new expeditions have been added, three sisters + eternal battle.
    • Treasure sites
    The old Relic Locker sites around Albion have been replaced with Treasure Sites
    • Arenas
    The Arena is a new mode where you are matched against worthy opponents in a 5v5 control point battle.


    Kay was the biggest expansion so far, I don't know if firing developers after Kay had anything to deal with the tempo of changes. But Kay was a game changer.

    • GvG seasons
    Territory reset day,
    • Mages and siphoned energy
    Territories now spawn mage which can be killed for GvG points and drop valuable siphoned energy
    • New artifact weapons
    T3 level artifact weapons have been added
    • Battlemounts
    Expensive mounts with powerful skills have been added
    • Hardcore expeditions
    Expeditions now scale up with difficulty/rewards from 1 to 15.
    • New expedition
    Fistful of silver was added


    • Fishing
    New type of gathering-like activity has been added.
    • New artifact armors
    T3 level artifact armors have been added
    • Roaming mobs
    All the maps have been filled with dungeon-like mob camps
    • Luxury goods
    Treasures spawn in random places all over the world
    • 2 player hellgates
    Now 2 players can compete for treasure in full-loot combat
    • New expedition
    In the raven's claws was added


    • Faction Warfare
    You can join your city-faction to fight other city-factions in full-loot combat
    • Outposts and Trading
    You can fight outpost bosses, earn points or transport goods between cities while faction-flagged
    • New mounts
    New faction mounts have been added
    • Overcharge
    You can overcharge items by spending siphoned energy
    • New dungeon
    T4 dungeong has been added, existing dungeons have been copied to new locations
  • 2. How it evolved / current state


    So shortly about expeditions, three sisters is one of best expeditions out there while eternal battle is one of the worst. There has been slight change to make EB playable, but there is possibility to make it better.

    Treasure sites offers too little rewards, especially in black zones (Just ask abdulkarim).

    Arenas have been the only playground for 5v5 fights we had for many months, until they expanded it to GvG-like Skirmishes. Since then Arena is mostly dead content, totally not rewarding and not fulfilling it’s original role.


    GvG seasons are currently where the top GvG-centric guilds look at. It’s a major content for like top 3-4 guilds which lead biggest alliances in the game. So around 90% of current player base and all the potential new players are not giving a single f. about gvg seasons and points.

    At first Territory Reset day was spread for whole day, making it hard for smaller guilds to face biggest alliances. However, SBI changed that to two time-frames and now territory reset day is like the favorite day of the month for most of Albion players. Most of guilds have a chance to grab a territory for themselves without having top tier GvG team. We’ve seen some biggest fights of Albion history on those days and it creates so much market demand it affects every single Albion player. I think it’s one of my favorite content.

    Mages were in so many different states since release it would be really hard to analyze it’s state from one change to another. SBI has basically nerfed them down to state where nobody gives a single F about mages and siphoned energy.

    T3 artifacts, despite its price are commonly used. I think SBI has done great job by implementing such big change in meta.

    Battlemounts have been a dispute long before release and for a very long time until SBI decided to nerf them to the ground. Even after recent buff – nobody rides battlemounts since they are too expensive for too little impact on the battle.

    Hardcore expeditions have been in a good place for a long time, but since they have added skip set it became the best/safest place to grind our combat fame. There are people who literally spread hate and anger because people spend time with that content. Some people just basically do nothing else but HCE’s. So the game is now having a lot of regular players who focus mostly on instanced-content.

    Fistful of silver has always been amongst the worst expeditions available. Only doable thanks to skipsets which are cancer of HCE.


    Fishing brought us a new food, which is now essential for PvP fights. Itself it wasn’t game changing but I think it’s a self-balancing addition to economy content. I don’t think someone could have a problem with that.

    Roaming mobs have their fans and haters. Some of them hate riding through black zones and being slowed down by mobs which are everywhere, but there are plenty of players who enjoy faming that way, especially in biggest alliances like PoE, Oops or POWER.

    Luxury goods are not the content we’ve expected. The rewards are not enough and most players don’t bother to travel with it. We’ve seen the buy-order price to go down since the release, because not many are interested in taking their time to travel through red zones. Now after we removed yellow zones, it becomes even more dangerous and less rewarding.

    Treasures with luxury goods are very disappointing content. We all expected it to be a fun way to make silver in the game, especially as an addition to gathering or faming roaming mobs. I don’t think anyone sees this content as something interesting. Late game albion players don’t even dismount to collect those crates. I don’t think they should, but I think solo players should wander through black zones to get rich by collecting those goods and lots of people should hunt for crate looters.

    2 players hellgate were little bit too OP in the beginning, but now seems to be totally not popular. It was the community that pushed SBI to implement this mode.

    So finally -the worst expedition of all times has been added – in the ravens claws. The final boss is just killing people in a stupid way, requiring everyone to wear special gear and even experienced players die at random. Totally not fun and tons of bad experience and again its only playable because of skip sets which are cancer of HCE.


    It’s too early to say much about Merlyn changes. After few days of high-interest its now going down hard. Not many players I know have good experience with factions. I can only say that experienced and late game players didn’t get anything in that patch, at least compared to what we’ve got before.

    It seems factions are not in good place since it is not a good content for small (1,2,3) random players. I expected that factions could fill the gap when I don’t have a party with healer/tank to do something more ambitious – I Can have fun with the game solo as a DPS. In fact, unless you find a group with healer/tank to do the boss – you can’t have fun with the content at all. It’s full loot just as BZ is, so why bothering?

    Everything related to factions is not rewarding enough compared to BZ activity. So the question is – if an experienced player has a trouble to find himself in solo/beginner content and for 5 people with proper gear/experience it is not rewarding enough – who is supposed to have fun with that content?

    Overcharge feature is too OP and 100% needs adjustments and it completely failed on reaching goals specified by Albion developers in their dev talks.

    It’s way too early to talk about new dungeons/new mounts place. We have to wait.
  • 3. My opinion on that content


    Eternal battle needs small fix with final boss cooldowns. It is exceptional thing that makes whole party depending on one person thus creating unnecessary bad experience in random parties (insults,disputes,overall toxicity). Extending the cooldown of his AoE spell by couple seconds would fix this problem.

    Treasure Sites could be a very good content for solo/small group pvp as its self-balancing. The more rewarding it is – the more people would be interested so risk goes up. Essence of what black zone experience should be. This needs SBI Developers attention a lot.

    What SBI should do to fix Arenas is to create MOBA-like ladders and teams where you could grind your ELO with friends. Then give some rewards for the effort for each of the seasons. But this idea is quite risky since popularity of rank-grinding instance-content could negatively affect full-loot open world content, which is and should be core feature of AO. Still the only way to make Arenas alive IMO.


    It’s hard to tell what we can do about GvG points so that all guild members matter. Probably we will need a totally new content where everyone (every single guild member) can collect points for the guild, without investing his private siphoned energy. Any ideas?

    Mages. Since you need to invest your own siphoned energy – it is no longer content worth our time. SBI definitely needs to change mages again, or simply remove them and accept failure.

    We don’t need bigger impact of battlemounts. The game is so much fun without expensive-mounts, but not to remove already existing content – IMO battlemounts should be much cheaper and not so impactful. So it should be wise to get one/two mounts for 30v30 battles (and it should scale up), however it shouldn’t be different than having 5 man advantage per battle mount. So its like if your whole party had 100IP higher gear than enemies. Wearing expensive gear is higher risk which should benefit in advantage.

    IMO HCE are great content, because they allow players who don’t have flexibility to go into blackzone, take over whole dungeon with 30~people and fame farm there for 2h+. You have free 30-40minutes – you login, do some fame and logoff. Problem is with skipsets and rewards in black zone. This has been recently buffed but IMO it’s still not enough.

    Fistful of silver needs to be looked at, especially if devs are going to do something about skipsets. It is just badly designed map if we compare it to three sisters or lumber lunacy. It’s all about players experience, because that keeps players entertained and make them love Albion.


    Fishing. IMO more types of gathering is only good addition to the game, hope we will see more expansions in that way (new resource > new type of equipment + skill trees).

    Roaming mobs fame rate needs buff. Again, this seems to be self-balancing content, since the more popular roaming mobs are the more dangerous/less rewarding they are. For this reason, it is quite low risk to buff such content as it won’t marginalize other content like dungeon faming.I think we should boost fame on roaming mobs since it is open-world content and goes align with full-loot combat which is core Albion feature.

    SBI needs to re-think rewards for transporting luxury goods between cities. Its weight should be tuned down. They are too heavy making it too risky to travel between cities for too little reward.

    First major problem of luxury goods treasures is their spawn time. This should be like 1/10 of current spawn time. Actually, I have expected it to be more like presents/pumpkins and other event-like stuff rather than finding one crate per hour.

    I think 2v2 HGs need further balancing and it would find way more attention from players side.As I am not experienced in 2v2 HGs I don’t have any specific idea how to make this content balanced.

    In the Raven’s Claws requires huge changes. The final boss must be tweaked and after dealing with skip-sets – map must be balanced to be more balanced like Lumber lunacy or Three Sisters.


    IMO Factions are completely design fail and basically were reason behind this post. They break the basic concept of black zones and do not match solo player’s expectations.The only change I could see is to make boss a punchbag, where it doesn’t deal DMG but only takes time to defeat. This way everyone, even a solo player could fight boss but it would take way longer than having a party of 2,3 or 10 random people. But once you fight bosses your party grows and you would make it faster. There wouldn’t be a situation where someone ganks you when you are busy doing an objective while the ganker is only interested in collecting your gear.

    There was a post in Albion’s subreddit on how to make overcharge trash rate related to gear tier. I can’t say how much I support this idea. Overcharging 8.2 should end with 50% trash rate AT LEAST. Basically, this should mean – oh shit guys either we lose this GvG or lose our gear. Or if we can’t afford to win GvG’s by overcharging 8.2 - we play in 8.1 just like our enemies do and win by skills not by eq dominance.

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  • 4. What type of content game needs

    So in the section 3 I have described how I would see making the existing content better with little tweaks. I would call it – low effort enhancements.

    In this section I would like focus what game needs to enable other parts of the game, where we need to add more things to the game to remove randomness/emptiness or create totally new experience within the game.

    To understand what game needs we need to make a short analysis what we’ve got, what we like about the game, what needs to be added and why.

    • So what activities are currently available in Albion?
    All available content is listed on below image.

    • What makes any content feel good in Albion? What is FUN?
    So the content is fun when it is driven by some objectives like specific time and place, something predictable. Let me take ZvZ as an example of content which has great potential yet isn’t utilized as I could wish for. Currently we can ZvZ for warcamps or Castles, everything else is just for fun or at random, so big armies like Blue Army struggle to find enemy because big fights are completely not rewarding for alliances like Oops. It is better to spread and pacify more warcamps than mass up to defend only one. There’s no benefit in pacifying warcamp with 100+people if 5 people can defend it later. Of course there have been plenty- Albion had plenty of ZvZs in recent months, but this was only about numbers and only couple alliances had interest in bringing numbers into warcamps. All the other albion players do not have chance to fight ZvZ. And if your alliance doesn't have Top Tier GvG team – game doesn’t give reason to mass up for war camps. All the rest can’t expect to have it (Including Blue Army – most powerful ZvZ guild in the game). So we can name availability of the content and the entry floor.

    So to sum up above example we can list below characteristics of what means FUN:

    • Driven by objective
    • Occurs in fixed time and place
    • Rewards everyone for their risk/effort they take
    • The entry floor is not too high
    • Doesn’t happen at random

    • Which content needs additional improvements?

    So when we look at above content-list image we can divide all the activities into two groups – ones that happens at random (e.g. ZvZ/Ganking/Territory Raiding) and those which are driven by objectives and can happen only in specific time-frame (WC/City Fights/GvG). I know this is sandbox game, but I think game needs more objectives to enable content (definition of FUN above).

    So what we lack the most is to implement new objectives into the game. Objectives that enable current mechanics making that new content FUN.

    We need more bosses, more reasons to mass up and fight for. We need possibility to gain points for guilds, compete against others in fair battles. So we need content for fights like 20v20 with lower entry floor than City Fights, more objectives to mass up an army of 100 people. We need the objectives to reward people who participate, not guild leaders/alliance leaders. Don’t expand the game to enslave more and more people in biggest alliances like it’s right now with warcamps. Even if people are in biggest alliances, they should have possibility to find regular content ALL THE DAY, despite of their group size. We should have objectives for all group-sizes available in most of time-zones we can imagine. We play in EU, Asia, Americas and Australia. Make it available for everyone!

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  • Some random ideas of FUN content we could simply add

    • Special buildings with NPC where we could claim part of territories taxes.
    Add a new NPC where a single player could claim (just like warcamp) tax from silver which is dropped from roaming mobs/dungeons. Such NPC would be accessible from outside of the territory, not defended by territory guards, so like a shop on the territory boarder. This could never be claimed by a guild or an alliance so it would require a group of people trusting each other, picking one leader and then splitting this income on their own. Scalability of this content would depend on attractiveness of certain territory. For instance if certain alliance spends whole day in the dungeon (AC) – they would definitely pick a leader of an alliance to claim the income. Since it would be lots of silver – other army could try to fight for it. But some territory in Anglia, where only couple people hunt for animals or kill roaming mobs, would be less attractive, so smaller groups or solo players could fight for it or claim it for free. By boosting open world content – this content would also matter more. Available options forchanneling would be pacify if you are current owner or take over. If nobody takes over within certain time frame or pacify (gvg time frame) – owner remains.

    What could we re-use to make this easy to develop:

    We have territories, we have GvG times, we have NPC system in place

    What we need to develop

    We would need some system to count silver tax and wire it to territory owner once a day. We would need new NPC graphics, editing territories.

    What is FUN about it?

    Objective = claiming requires uninterrupted channeling

    Occurs in fixed time (gvg time) and place (territories)

    Rewards certain person/group of people who trust each other

    Entry floor depends on territory attractiveness

    There is no randomness in that. 100% of this content is predictable.

    • Dungeon super-bosses

    So just like we have special bosses spawning in certain time-zones in Camlann, CV, COB etc. We could make each dungeon to have a special time frame (gvg time) when special boss spawns. It would spawn once a day in each of the dungeon and be there until is killed. It would scale up from T4 dungeons to T7 in Mercia. While some would fight for the territory income – on dungeon maps it would be another objective. Those bosses would be extra strong, but scaling up with the tier of the dungeon. So T4 boss would be doable by party of 5, while T7 boss would have to provide decent fame/loot for all 20 people (part of them scouts/defends party while the rest do the boss). Bosses would provide fame for everyone in the party. So again, this content balnce itself. If rewards are good for 20 people but it’s doable with 10 – you get double reward for high risk that everyone can wipe you in any second. But if you want safe but fair reward you split into defending party and boss party.

    What could we re-use to make this easy to develop:

    We have dungeons, we have GvG times

    What we need to develop

    Create a special chambers within dungeons where nobody can enter with a bubble, so we won’t have people logging in with their alts and being able to run around, pick a moment and cut throats. The same for invading party. Once you pass some kind of ‘magic doors’ you will loose your bubble.This is the only requirement to avoid all kind of trash players making game not fun for others. Or simply if someone logs off in the dungeon he spawns in front of it with bubble.

    Besides that we would need new PvE bosses and modification of dungeon maps to have a place for them.

    What is FUN about it?

    Objective = PvE content gets more objectives additionally enabling PvP

    Occurs in fixed time (gvg time) and place (dungeons)

    Rewards whole group for participating

    Entry floor depends on territory level (yellow,red,black zones > t4-t7 dungeons)

    100% of this content is predictable.

    I believe community would have tons of FUN ideas how to enable existing mechanics not to be random and be rewarding all the players participating. Please follow the model and share your own, maybe developers will like one of your ideas and you will help to make the Albion great again.
  • 5. Summary

    So to sum up – I am happy with all the new content, but almost everything they have implemented was either rolled-back to not have too big impact on original design of the game (battlemounts) and requires further adjustments. In this post I took my shot to find a way how make those things better. Overall my opinion on SBI current quality of development is rather poor. Already implemented ideas haven't been thought well, they have killed some of them to fix the game (mages) and amount of game changing developments were not satisfying. We've finally got Skirmishes, but we dont have UI for it. They don't have any idea how to utilize this content to be even more FUN.

    I hope I was clear with the reason behind this post – I want this game to be a better product, to provide even more fun that I am currently having with it. SBI has done a great job by fixing a lot of things in the game related to mechanics, UI, bugs throughout last year. However the new content they created seems little bit abandoned and instead of putting lots of work to make it right – they rush to add more and more things. Tempo of changes seems to out speed their tempo of adjustments. I think we need to hold on, rethink everything what has been added recently and find a way to make it useful. Fixing and tweaking existing content requires more planning and understanding what’s going on that actual development.

    Regarding new content and roadmaps, I wish SBI would communicate with us – community on regular basis. If we could have a chance to discuss their development plans, to vote what we would like to have.

    So far I have a feeling that have very chaotic roadmap which is mostly driven by their will to survive. Albion had a great start and 80% of initial release players have abandonned it due to technical issues / lack of content. Please, think 1000 times, before planning next release. The only thing I haven’t focused in this post is – real money. So how these developments are going to put more money in SBI pockets, or enable the company to survive. The answer isn’t straight. The only way they will ever make money is not by creating yet another silver sink and pushing players to buy more gold. The only way how the game can be great is by building a bigger player base. And that can be only achieved by implementing FUN content, because everyone hates roaming around and looking for content without success. Game looks empty, so they leave it. It’s sandbox yet we need fixed objectives and fair rewards.

    If anyone has read this letter – congratulations and big thanks!
    I just hope anyone from SBI reads it and if yes – Thanks for that as well, even though it was your job to read it. I am open to discuss whatever I wrote here, that's my personal experience. I know i'm only one player - not everything must be like I wish and I don't even expect it. But now you have a list of things that we should all look at and force SBI to finally fix it instead of giving us yet another content which might be fine or a total failure. We are all on the same side - we want the game to be better and FUN at every minute we are logged in, not twice a day, regardless of which content you love the most.

    Many thanks,
  • I don't 100% agree with all of your analysis, but I think your ideas to improve the game are great. I wish SBI would focus less on instances (HCE, Arena, even GvG) in general and more on open world/dungeons/zvz. I think the critical bit of your "FUN" criteria is >> "Rewards everyone for their risk/effort they take". In particular, game activities that have low or perceived low risk:reward ratio will be optimized out of existence. Resources bosses, e.g.?

    Unfortunately, I think part of what is missing from these types of analysis (mine included) is the 'man on the street'. I doubt the average Albion player even goes to the BZ, so mentioning that they feel empty is a bit silly. They probably will never be full (see: EVE worm holes, null sec, etc.), which is part of the way they work (high risk, high reward).

    Related gripe: Fishing luxury goods (i.e. floating treasure chests) are ridiculously bad. Usually get 1 Tier 4 luxury good, even in BZ Tier 7. Not sure why I keep doing them ...
  • I would say there still some gaps they need to patch up on, there are things like guild hoping to cross continents and such that are making the current situation of game less divided in the black zones and too merged together. There other things I would say they can look at and maybe make small improvements or counters on how players discover these exploits that give them advantages over other guilds.

    I would like to see if they planning anything for the Over charge as well, currently I think their idea for what they originally hoped it to be used for and purpose is back firing. Can we sell our 8.3 now? Not like we need it in this game but for HCEs.

    Good post though, can see there lot time in it. Hopefully they let us know about what's on the agenda next before holidays arrive.

    "He rules the frost therefore he is their king." - God

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  • Awesome post and very well thought out. You have my support! I've posted it before that AO now has a very solid foundation to implement more mechanics to further flesh out the gameworld. Having meaningful and enjoyable activities will contribute tremendously to player retention. The more people playing equals to more resources to further the game's development.

  • Really appreciate the effort that went into this. And while I don't agree with all the proposed solutions I think a lot of the problems pointed out are spot on.

    Small scale content still feels bad (roaming mobs, treasure sites, hellgates, open world dungeons), with "safe" content still dominating this scene (expeditions, arena).

    However I'm not convinced faction warfare, and Merlyn in general, has been a failure. The economic rework of T4 and T5 locations, as well as the city bonuses, has been hugely successful. The royal cities are bustling compared to before, I'm actually tempted to make trips to different cities to accomplish things, and my (casual) guildmates and I are having more fun running around the cities than we did roaming the black zones.

    I'm a fan of faction warfare because it brings BZ style gameplay to small guilds like mine, who don't want to be in a huge alliance, but also don't want to get stomped by 15 players storming into every dungeon when we try to fame farm. With the initial craziness of patch day dying down, faction outpost capturing and faction trade runs are looking really appealing, and I'm still really excited to do more. And the fact that I can opt out to make it less stressful whenever I want to--and still be able to do most things like gathering and faming in the areas I'm comfortable with--just makes it all the better.
  • Hey @glokz

    thanks for the great recap of past updates and your input on new things to be added or changed going forward. This is very valuable for us and is being shared with the game design team.

    We agree with a lot of what you said, in particular your part about objectives and what constitutes a "fun" activity and what does not.

    A lot of the points you highlight - in particular your definition of what constitutes a fun activity - will be taken into account / include in our next patches and most importantly this years remaining major update - name and road map to be announced in the coming weeks.

    A tricky challenge for Albion - due to its fully player driven economy/world - is always to design according these criteria while at the same time making sure that it fits the in-game economy and protects the integrity of the game world. That almost automatically implies that when you have multiple ways to achieve a certain game goal (say, getting PvE fame or silver) some of those - depending on the overall state of the game, balance-wise but also based on what the other players do - will be less rewarding than others, and things will go in and out of fashion. Nerfing and buffing through regular patches addresses this (see our history on hell gate buffs and nerfs) but only until the next adjustment is needed. It will always be an ongoing effort.

    All the best,
  • glokz wrote:

    IMO HCE are great content, because they allow players who don’t have flexibility to go into blackzone, take over whole dungeon with 30~people and fame farm there for 2h+. You have free 30-40minutes – you login, do some fame and logoff. Problem is with skipsets and rewards in black zone. This has been recently buffed but IMO it’s still not enough.
    Let it be then 30-40munutes, but in my opinion it should be like - all maps once per 24h, then you have like - doing again same hce 90% exp then 80% etc.

    PvP guilds missing BZ fights. Not much to do out there. Horse riding simulator.

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  • I really liked a lot of your post but I don't agree with your view on factions I really like everything about them so far and have met new people because of them. Find a group of randoms make new friends have an adventure die some win some. The rewards are scaled well the boss fights are fun.
  • glokz wrote:

    So the content is fun when it is driven by some objectives like specific time and place, something predictable.
    I enjoyed reading your post and can appreciate all the time it took to get everything written out, however I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment.

    I also believe that fun content can be derived from objective game-play, but I don't think the game needs more predictable objectives. Quite the contrary, I'd rather see more random events occur. We already have warcamps, gvgs, world bosses, resource spawn times (bosses and t8), relic lockers, castles... All of these things are already super predictable because it's on a clockwork schedule and that's fine for the big alliances to fight over, but what about small guilds? What the game needs to survive is reasons for people to form groups and fight with small parties.

    We don't need more scheduled events for ZvZ, we need objectives that randomly happen to incentivize smaller groups to fight over.

    glokz wrote:

    We should have objectives for all group-sizes available in most of time-zones we can imagine. We play in EU, Asia, Americas and Australia. Make it available for everyone!
    Yes! This is a worldwide game and there should be constant game-play for everyone. I'd love to see the gvg timers expanded up until server goes down for maintenance as currently there are no gvgs after 5 UTC until an hour after restart 11 UTC. Have the last timer be at 8 UTC - two hours before reset is plenty.
  • EaosAmur wrote:

    I really liked a lot of your post but I don't agree with your view on factions I really like everything about them so far and have met new people because of them. Find a group of randoms make new friends have an adventure die some win some. The rewards are scaled well the boss fights are fun.
    Yes, I like FW so far as well. It might need a bit of tweaking, (Make it so switching factions takes maybe a cooldown of 1 day? swapping factions on a whim...I don't know... feels weird) - but overall the core feature is good.

    Eternalhaze wrote:

    I enjoyed reading your post and can appreciate all the time it took to get everything written out, however I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment.
    yes. I agree with like 80% of what was said. Some things that are "fun" should be created by players - granted we have the tools. We need more tools, not hard staged and timed events...

    Eternalhaze wrote:

    We don't need more scheduled events for ZvZ, we need objectives that randomly happen to incentivize smaller groups to fight over.
    Yes! We need more of both (scheduled stuff, but non scheduled random as well)

    Eternalhaze wrote:

    Yes! This is a worldwide game and there should be constant game-play for everyone. I'd love to see the gvg timers expanded up until server goes down for maintenance as currently there are no gvgs after 5 UTC until an hour after restart 11 UTC. Have the last timer be at 8 UTC - two hours before reset is plenty.