Order Of Bugs

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    • Order Of Bugs

      Order Of Bugs is a new cult that praises the lord of bugs (The Bug Lord). There are currently only 3 members, but that's not stopping me from trying to grow this guild. This guild is for those who want to support our true god, and want to murder all of the heretics in this world.

      Now, you may think this "cult" is some fake thing created in Albion Online, but the bug lord is real. Here's some information about the religion our guild follows.

      Official Bug Lord Lore:
      The Bug Lord: The bug lord is essentially the god of the bug lord religion. The bug lord can take many forms as seen in many of the different bug lord videos, but one of his most common forms looks like this:

      The Bug Lord will consume you in your death if you do not follow him. The bug lord is the all powerful, all knowing, lord of the bugs.

      The Bug Lord tends to control people. These people’s personalities don’t change, but their motives do. The Bug Lord chooses sacrifices, and those sacrifices are fulfilled through those The Bug Lord controls. There are rare occasions where the person The Bug Lord is controlling goes insane and starts going on killing rampages. It is unknown if The Bug Lord intentionally causes these people to go crazy.

      The Bug Lord Video: youtube.com/watch?v=XACzoqoIl9o
      The Bug Lord Song: youtube.com/watch?v=xnfrwam43XU



      Buggo is the “devil” in the bug lord universe. He is the one against the bug lord. Buggo tries to kill the bug lord and all of his supporters. Buggo has the power to create but many of buggo’s creations have turned against him and his supporters due to The Bug Lord’s power to control.

      Buggo Video: youtube.com/watch?v=z6e-D0OacU4


      Buggo Creating Froggo:

      One of the first recorded things that Buggo did was create Froggo the consumer of the bugs. To Buggo’s surprise, Froggo eats all bugs, so Buggo accidently killed 98% of his supporters by creating Froggo. Froggo isn’t an enemy of the bug lord and they are neutral. Buggo is neutral with froggo too since froggo eats bug lord supporters too.

      Froggo Video: youtube.com/watch?v=tOGEsEobV3k


      Buggo Creating The Demon Worm:

      One day, a Bug Lord supporters named The Praying Mantis prayed to the bug lord. He would pray to the bug lord everyday until his throat hurt from screaming. One day, while he was praying, someone answered his prayers claiming to be the bug lord. The praying mantis listened to Buggo’s commands thinking the bug lord was the one talking to him. Buggo managed to trick the praying mantis into eating one of the sacred demon worm eggs that he created, and Buggo lured him and another bug lord follower to his lair. The follower had no idea that Buggo was tricking him into sacrificing himself for Buggo to create the Demon worm.

      The demon worm is a dangerous creature made to kill Bug Lord supporters and find The Bug Lord’s son “The Hugest of Huge”. Some say that the demon worm might lay eggs and make more demon worms. Thankfully, it requires the demon worm to find another host body to reproduce.

      Video showing the sacrifice: youtube.com/watch?v=0OHvGSfTAJE

      In this video, it shows the tricked Bug Lord follower doing a sacrifice to the bug lord. Little did he know, Buggo had tricked him. Also, this was one of the stupid bug lord followers that thought The Bug Lord was controlling him, when in reality he wasn't being controlled. The Bug Lord supporter was later killed by the demon worm, and the demon worm fled deeper into Buggo’s Lair where it would later pleasure Buggo.

      Video Showing Demon Worm Pleasuring Buggo:


      The Son of The Bug Lord:

      The Bug Lord has a son often referred to as the Hugest of Huge. This demigod has been a pretty common target for Buggo. The Hugest of Huge had to resort to hiding eventually because of how often he would be randomly attacked by monsters Buggo created.

      Many know that the Hugest of Huge is going through some transformations in life, and he is in deep pain as seen from this video: youtube.com/watch?v=O6dsS964XkY