Mage Robe needs some adjustment

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    • Mage Robe needs some adjustment

      Mage Robes need to be improved. Right now they provide you a raw damage and resist buff that is stronger the lower health you have when it's activated. The ability overall is quite strong, but it's very difficult to use outside of very controlled environments so you rarely see it outside of Fame Farm. I would like it to remain strictly offensive like it is today, but perhaps a different trigger could be used to determine how powerful the buff is when activated?

      For example, what if you got a stacking damage buff for every second you remained stationary?

      Activate Berserker and you get a XX% damage buff for 2 seconds that can stack up to Y times. It will stop stacking when you move but you could continue to cast while the skill stacks up.

      This would probably be quite overpowered and kind of negates the value of Druid Robe (and maybe even Royal Robe) but something needs to change.
    • tabooshka schrieb:

      or you could use your brain and its actually op with martlock cape
      Tabooshka, I'm quickly learning that you deem everything OP. In your world where everything is OP, I guess that means nothing is UP and this forum doesn't need to exist? Could you go on pretending it doesn't exist and extricate yourself since you have yet to provide any meaningful response to any thread you've landed in?

      [edit...] yea, looked at your last 20 responses and this one was probably your most productive one. Grats.

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