Collectors / Fishing unbalanced differences.

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    • Collectors / Fishing unbalanced differences.

      Two points i'd like to put here.

      First: Quality of the tool. Fishing rod becomes "Faster" on their her job by having higher quality (Normal, Good, Excelent, Masterpiece) while all the other tools are just normal. Bad for the collectors and the crafters.

      Second: The backpack. Fisherman backpack progressively raises the ammount of weight reduced per tier (20% at t4, 40% at t8) while all other backpacks are fixed on 30%. Equalize it so everyone gets the benefit.

      That's it. Adding extra weight reduction in the backpacks for extra enchantment tier would also be very good. At the present moment, every enchantment adds a complete nothing to the backpacks. No extra life, no defense, no weight, just plain nothing.

      My 2 cents,