Fishing t5 fish

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    • Fishing t5 fish

      Is it just me, or are t5 fish extremely difficult to reel in? I've had the same problem with freshwater trout and the oceanic wolf fish in tier 5 and tier 6 zones all over. I actually ran through the swamps, the frozen lands, and even out near Lymhurst to check the ocean. These t5 fish take an extraordinarily long time to reel in. I don't have any problems with the t6 fish, even tho they are 1 tier higher than the t5 expert rod and gear I am using. Has anyone else noticed this? Can we back down the t5 fish strength just a tad? Also, any word on when the cork aka bobber sound will be fixed? Ive heard through speculation this sound was removed to combat bots, which I am in favor of. When you're faction flagged or fishing in a red or black zone, not having the bobber sound can be hazardous to your health! Thanks for your time- I love this game!
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    • I am very happy that the bobber sound is fixed, so awesome, but I would love it if my rod that is bent at 90 degree angles in 3 places could be fixed! As you can imagine it looks really stupid when reeling in. I have repaired and re-downloaded the game to no avail.
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