The Secret Oaks [GMI] recruiting

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    • The Secret Oaks [GMI] recruiting


      The Secret Oaks are recruiting! PvE, PvP, Faction war, Expeditions, Gather, Craft, Trade. We just about do it all. Martlock is our trade base with a T6 guild island. We have a Caerleon base for PvP & BZ activities. English speaking. Discord available. Every member matters! Play your game and have fun. We have a 10% flat tax on silver loot only. No material donation requirements. All guild crafting stations are free to use. Our guild is very helpful, team oriented, new player friendly, and we want you. We are a part of the Gleinmoor Imperium alliance. We are not here to tell you how to play or what to do, but we do want active players. We do not control territories yet, but we are trying!
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      A quick note about what we are and what we are not. We are here to have fun, and help you enjoy the game. Our guild structure is loose by design. We do not want a super militant, highly structured elite guild with loads of player requirements. Some people enjoy that and I wish them well. This guild is a free form, indie guild with no plans of server domination. We do not hold territories yet. We are not here to make loans or give you silver. Join up and ask for a silver loan so you can play the black market and you will be promptly shown the door. We do help and reward people who are trying. I regularly give people, as does our guild, mounts and equipment so they can fight or gather or do whatever it is they want to do. Show some initiative and put in some effort and you will be rewarded- we will be here for you.