Intended or a mistake?

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    • Retroman schrieb:

      This change has been pushed back for this release. But we will be evaluating how to improve the regular bow for the next bigger balance patch.

      @Retroman Please dont forget about the Bows.
      You giving so much love to Crossbows and the rest, yet Bows always left behind.
      Come on Retroman, Not for ZvZ, not for Solo Gang, Give something useful for the 5v5 scene.
      We been waiting for soooo long, yet still nothing comes.
      Normal bow, is trash.
      Whispering Bow, is trash.
      Badon / Wailing only useful for ZvZ atm.

      Like come on, Make Normal Bow and Whispering Bow matter, rework them.
      Also i don't understand the reason of removing aggressive caster Passive, and then making Deadly Shot with casting time, come on are you trolling us?

      We been waiting for ages for the Normal Bow / Whispering bow to be valid for 5v5. How hard is to fix that?

      NDA after NDA after NDA, how long do we suppose to wait?
      Every single f**king weapon been valid in the 5v5 scene since the launch for some sort of period of time except Bows.

      Sword Been Valid
      Spear Been Valid
      Axe Been Valid
      Crossbow Been Valid
      Curse Been Valid
      Fire Been Valid
      Ice Been Valid
      Arcane Been Valid
      Hammer Been Valid

      Mace Been Valid

      Quarterstaff Been Valid
      Holy Been Valid

      Nature Been Valid

      Even Daggers Valid.

      Can you please make the Bow line valid for 5v5? even for 1 patch, like give us something.

      Give us 1 f**king month to enjoy 5v5 with a bow then nerf it or what ever.

      Is 1 month of Bows being valid in 5v5 is too much to ask?

      1 Normal Bow

      1 Artifact Bow

      Valid for 5v5.

      Can we have this please?
    • Forgot the W line,
      Like lets talk about Leap Back - why it has to be so shitty compared to Frost blind W skill?
      Why the Leap Back is sooooo slow to execute?
      Why cant you make it instant?

      And whats up with speed shot skill?
      Like when you suppose to pick that skill?
      its 11 Meters, if i activate whispering E, i gain 15~ meters auto attack, do you want me during the 8 seconds buff to waste time walking closer to the enemy and speed shot him? or what?
      its 5 second buff, how its suppose to work?

      I dont understand the thinking behind it.

      1 Non Artifact Bow valid for 5v5
      1 Artifact Bow valid for 5v5
      Leap back - Instant jump same as Frost W
      Speed shot - Rework it / 10 seconds Buff / Higher distance

      Come on.
      Make sure you pay attention to the combination of Weapon + Chest piece.
      All casters use Druid Robe for buffed Damage.
      High insta damage like Xbow line use Cleric Robe for the dmg buff and immortality.

      When you make changes to the Bow - Make sure there is a proper chest armor type to work well with it.