Holy pales in comparison to Nature in PvP

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  • It doesn’t affect the cast time at all. It simply reduces how long you have to stand in place to cast the spell. Before the change you would have to stand in place for 1.0 seconds to cast flash heal (but the effect of the heal would happen after 0.8 seconds). After the changes you only have to stand for 0.8 seconds.

    If you cast two flash heals in a row immediately one after the other: before the change you would stand for 1.8s (one heal would happen at 0.8, one would happen at 1.6, then you stand 0.2) and after the change you stand for only 1.6s.

    Or at least I’m pretty sure this is how stand time works but maybe @Retroman would care to clarify.

    This really isn’t a huge effect, especially when spamming Q and standing in place.
  • The standtime defines how long a character can't move AFTER the cast.

    In the case of Flash Heal it used to be 0.8s cast and 0.2s standtime. This meant after 0.8s the cast will be finished and the target get healed. However you were unable to move for an additional 0.2s after the cast. Now with the adjustment you can start moving immediately after the cast went through.