Idea for Improvement of Resource Boss and Boss in general

  • Idea for Improvement of Resource Boss and Boss in general

    There is a lack of PVE content like raids in other games. So I have a suggestion:

    You could balance every resource/world boss fight for a team of 30 or 40 people (improving the party system of 20) and they should be hard (like do some summons or/and have some cool mechanics), this would add more reason for zergs in the game for PVE content.

    The loot system should be diferent for world boss, it could be like those "chests" in the maps and only 1 member (the party leader would be the best option) would get all the loot from the boss or at least the important ones, it could drop some minor drops for everyone like tier 6 artifacts, runes, souls, relics, tomes of vision. This is because 30-40 members is a guild or ally team and need to be easily managed.

    For resource boss they could have some timer too but with the same time of the other bosses. This will make a Unique Boss timer for all bosses in the same time. Would be fun at that time albion stop and everyone will want to fight the bosses. The huge problem is the timer, you should have longer periods like a random number between 24h~72h (or even more) after the last one boss was defeated.

    I think that resource bosses are a really good idea but they are a little useless. Tier 6 resources are so commum resource. You could add a new resource tier (T9) and you only get it from resource bosses. And this resource is special, there is no natural enchantment (even from workers), you have to manually enchant then, could be with faction hearts, drops from world boss or just money (I think the best option would be drops from world boss and faction hearts).

    Just lock gather a little longer for those who isn't in the party (specially because of royal), there is no need to add new gather sets or tools yet. It could be balanced for a 4-5 gather it in 10-20min, and it could be really heavy to increase the need of mammoths and higher tier mounts (poor guilds could use 20+ people using ox lol).

    They could be called Titans, and for a lore perspective it's like the world is angry because of harvesting the heart of the city. And they could appear in every place where we can find now one resource boss. The idea for every boss spawn at the same time it's to split alliance, do a more balanced zvz and many guilds get some oportunities to do something.

    This is a group oriented resource, so it will be good to have those resources only crafted/refined in guild islands or guild cities basically increasing the need of it.

    Sorry about my english guys, but I think you guys can understand the ideia :D .


    - Improve world/resource boss to a fight for a team of 30-40 people
    - Loot system world boss for 1 player to catch the important ones (party leader?)
    - Every boss (resource and world) spawn at the same time
    - Rework resource bosses doing a new T9
    - There is no natural enchatment in T9, you have to enchant it (city heart or drops from world boss)
    - Refining and crafting with T9 exclusive for guild island and guild cities.