Add a Weapon Passive to Daggers, to make them viable.

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    • Add a Weapon Passive to Daggers, to make them viable.

      Honestly all melee weapons in the game have more skill/auto attack range than daggers in the game correct?

      every dagger build in the game is either an all-in or lose build OR stealth/run away build

      Theres no in between because dagger have no access to mid/long range poke, this is why dagger has never been good/constant in gvgs/competitive

      My suggestion would be to give a Weapon Passive on Daggers giving it 1-2 Auto attacks of 10m range every 25-30 seconds (or a fan of daggers similar to throwing knives?), this will buff dagger more than you think in competitive by making it more of better fit for different style comps

      Assassins are not only about melee high burst, most of the more impressive kills by assassins is done from a distance! and there's no capability of that in this game aside from, Blood-letter the only seemingly "Viable Dagger weapon" even then it is extremely niche.

      TL;DR Aside from Bloodletter (barely,) all daggers in this game suck in High-Tier Play because no one dies to that shit with "good" positioning. Give Daggers a 1-2 Mid-Range Knifes/Throwing Daggers every 30 seconds scaling off weapon damage.

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