Swords still useless

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    • I would say stacking is the main problem yes.

      Some solutions i can think of for Heroic Charges is:

      • Make stacks decay only if out of combat or atleast alot longer than 6 sec. Maybe 10 sec removes one stacks, but not the entire buff.
      • Make basic attack give stacks more often. Let sword users generate more Heroic Charges per second in general.
      • Make 5 max stacks instead of 3, but keep most "E" abilities only consume max 3 charges unless they are utterly powerful.
      If we are allowed faster stacking and a higher max stack, we could benefit from Heroic Charges on "W" abilities aswell to make them more powerful to get a stronger swordline in total.

      Some "W" abilities could still give Stacks instead of consuming to make the user able to choose between a slow and strong build or a quick damage dealer for efficient ganking etc.

      Example Iron Will continues to apply one Stack, instead of consuming.
      Splitting Slash, however, could consume one or two stacks for more damage, longer root duration or both.

      I think some of these solutions could make more "room" for balancing, since right now I could imagine swords being a pain to balance since the issue with solving stacking will have such a different impact on different weapons.

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    • Equartus schrieb:

      Sinatra.SUN schrieb:

      It might be doing great, but it is still the lowest weapon on all on the rankings.
      True, its much better ,if we compare how it was before.
      I think it will still take time (a month or even couple) to get all the sword users to fame up swords - then you will see real statistics.

      Bow used to suck in OW at release before they buffed it (and before lvl 70 skills were even in the game) - and then it slowly took off to raise the statistics as people farmed it up.

      Btw regular bow with Enchanted Quiver and Cleric robe absolutely melts ppl in OW solo/small group...
      DarthMagus - T8 Stone;
      Solo Bloodletter PVP
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      The main problem with swords, and any weapon line where the E is dependent on a stacking mechanism, is the high predictability of when the E will happen and the fact that there is really no benefit to using the E without max stacks. With that said, my solution would be to have the cool down of the E be affected by the number of stacks when activated, so that if you use the E with 1 stack, the E will be available for use sooner than if you were to use the E with 3 stacks.

      This way, there is a bit of nuance added to the mechanic and it also brings resource management into play. If you were play swords where you get 1 stack and then use your E so that you are using your E more often, then you deal with the consequence of depleting your power too quickly due to the power hungry nature of the E.

      The other bit of nuance this would add is bringing more utility to secondary aspects of the E. So, in the case of Claymore, if you are in a fight where you would need more interrupts, you could choose to go the route of using the E with fewer stacks to try and have Charge up more during the fight.

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      Calesvol schrieb:

      The other bit of nuance this would add is bringing more utility to secondary aspects of the E. So, in the case of Claymore, if you are in a fight where you would need more interrupts, you could choose to go the route of using the E with fewer stacks to try and have Charge up more during the fight
      This is pretty cool suggestion, there might have to be balancing with energy used as if your using it too much it costs more mana, sort of how kassadin or kog maw R's work in league.
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      So to be clear here then you call it overpowered when it is still the worst line of all weapons in terms of ranking and fame

      The top sword player this month(who you are linking to above) comes in at a 60th place and the number 2 sword is number 167.

      Lets stick to the facts when they are actually available :) .
      All other weapon lines makes more fame than praud on his “overpowered” swords - thats the fact.

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      That's bad use of statistics. Tell me: You play in Sun, a guild known for farming t5 Dungeon with big pulls, right?
      How many swords are allowed in that farming party?
      What i am trying to say is that swords got a major buff in early october. To fame a artifact weapon to 100/100 ull need at least 30 Million fame. Not the red fame, the fame u can see in stats as mob fame.
      And People wont let u fame Farm with It, so u will have to use another 100/100 to fame it.
      Im saying its not in meta, because teams have to level It up again to even appear in statistics.

      Now, If u want to talk about swords and meta, i think its going back to early beta: swords and Carrion caller.

      With the fish food and the auto attack passive, swords can have 3 stacks in five seconds. You can purge that, but again, no purge has 5 sec cooldown. Its guaranteed you Will hit a huge clap sometime.

      And about the damage, its indeed overpowered now. Check a 400/100 6.3 overcharged gallatine damage. Its 1650 magical damage, 9m aoe. You can check the video i submited. It almost kills the entire team in a single clap.
      And clarent is not far behind. 8.2 overcharged hits for 1.100 every 12 secs and can use a taproot.
      Now tell me: isnt that overpowered?
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      Im saying that if it was overpowered more people would use it, because there definatly is a lot of high spec sword players out there.

      Im not sure if you are part of the gvg scene or not, but the predominant bruiser setup is trident and axes for double bruiser and axes for solo bruiser.

      I can guarantie you that there are people with the specs, such as myself and a guy like mohicans who have been rocking in gvgs the last 14 days. And what did he do? Moved from his max spec swords to axes.

      If it was overpowered it would get more fame, and you look for s optimal situation E witha long cooldown requiring stacks.

      In general you want to have controllable burst, which is why axes are predominant as they require nothing.

      And then there is the W issue.
      Swords have a clunky line root
      Axes has a big chop/debuff
      Daggers have dash and the new invis ninja
      Spears has reflect and forest of spears.

      22 years ago i was making pricelists for magic the gathering cards. There was 2 price levers besides rarity.
      One was competetive viability, and the other was high numbers, and they rarely overlapped.

      There was a card called the kraken that was a huge 10/10 monster that could clearly beat anything, and all the kids wanted it in their deck because it could for for 10. But noone who competed with it, because it was to expensive to cast - while at the same time price was high because the kids felt it was incredibly overpowered.
      And you are doing the same. Looking at a damage number and assuming that people dont play it because they dont have the specs..
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      sword is in a nice place right now, but without a relible way to KEEP stacks or put out sustain damage it is still very easy to counter thats what sintara is trying to say. its very true, iron will is the only other W option that is viable and it literally does a short def buff + stack which adds nothing to the team if u get purged.... which every VIABLE team will be looking to do off cooldown

      Maybe give a W on swords that protects ur Sword Stacks for a short time would be nice as well as gives u a short damage buff, has some sort of debuff or damage to it

      on Paper Sword is amazing but in practice and competitive is still lacks severely, honestly i think sword is on the same boat as daggers right now only thing about dagger is its amazing in Open World which is why everyone plays them simply because of mobility.

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