Swords still useless

    • Halberds are almost certain to be nerfed next patch because the current 2x healer, 2x halberd, 1x tank meta is god awful. All they need to do to fix swords in general is make their Q work like Spear and increase the duration of heroic charge by 1 or 2 seconds. That's hardly going to send us into a spiral.

      They can then focus on buffing the crap swords, crap axes, and crap spears. So long as they finish buffing Warlock first.
    • Neu

      August continues the trend of throwing swords into oblivion.

      For june and july the top pvp placement for swords were 80 and 78, while being the worst weapon of all for pvp fame.

      August so far continues the trend, and swords is still the worst weapon of all, however the top ranked swords player has now dumped down to rank 106.

      This is the first time since launch that no swords has been in top 100, and rumor is that secret duels only for sword players are happening, always on private islands to avoid the public humiliation that follows anyone wishing to follow the way of the sword.

      One day... one day.
    • Neu

      Stacks run out after 6 seconds - which means positioning is a counter in itself.

      If your stacks couldnt be removed by anything except the 6 second timer they would be a lot more viable.

      You can still be stunned, pushed, dislocated and simpmy out maneuvered to make the stacks run out, But purge and cripple should not kill the stacks fully.
    • Neu

      The problem with swords, is that every single one of them have some sort of issue:

      - Broadsword - well, it's not any type of AoE, and weapons that dont have AoE on E(melee) are most likely not used in GvG's, or to be honest anywhere, probably except 1h axe in HCE. Problem with 1h weapons in this game, is that they are not really ment for GvG's, or anything else that involve more players then 2, and these 1h weapons that often have one target E are just for 1v1 situtations ... and this game is not about this kind of fights, so they are ... useless. The way out of it, is to boost every 1h weapon like broadsword, axe, dagger, dagger pair, claymore, mace, pike, quarterstaff a lot when it comes to their E's, but problem will not be solved, because only way to actually make it this way is to buff them a lot, to the level of OP, I dont see any other way for them. Second idea is for example to add "2 stage attacks", where for exaple broadsword will have his E, and after using it he would have a second charge that will be a AoE cone in front of you for example, which will 1) buff weapon, 2) make it more flexible. I really like this way out of situtaion, but there is third idea, which I will make post about really soon, which is: adding weapon perks, which will have different effect in different weapons in different locations. Lets say for example that broadsword is useless in GvG's, so it will have perk which works only in GvG's, which will give it reduced cooldown, or maybe even AoE mentioned above. Next he is useless in Fame Farm, so he will get buff in Green and Blue dungeons and HCE where he will give enemy minion resistance debuff after using E, or you will reduce E cooldown by half after using it on mob. Those perks could be a problem when it comes to game ballance, but there are reasons why they should be added, and they will be less problematic if they will be unlocked after reaching high specs like 60-100 on choosed weapon, which will exclude most of problems, and make weapons in general stronger in use after reaching big milestone. I really like this idea so I will say that this is the best one, but second option is also cool for me.

      - Claymore - To be honest, it is same thing as above.

      - Dual Swords - Well, in this case they should just get some sort of buff to bring it back to meta in my opinion. Also big thing about this weapon is that you need to stack up your E on enemies, and then you have lower damage, because you have jump which in most cases is some sort of not needed?

      - Clarent - In the past that was my favorite weapon, but general problem is that it just got nerfed, and current meta is back to possibility of use mace and purge helmet which is a problem. Purge. Is. Big. Deal.

      - Carving Sword - Same thing as Dual Swords, there are just better options then this weapon, which should get a buff.

      - Galatine Pair - Same thing as clarent.

      Thanks for reading,