HCE's Destroyed

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    • Nvs1980 schrieb:

      May be a bug. They didn't mention HCE fame getting nerfed in the patch notes, did they? Just silver and item drops?

      PrintsKaspian schrieb:

      The reward curve for Hardcore Expeditions has been flattened, meaning they will generally reward somewhat less Silver and loot for killing mobs:

      Level 6: -10%

      Level 8: -15%

      Level 10: -19%

      Level 13: -26%
      They mentioned silver/loot but maybe forgot to also include fame here?
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    • Shepherd415 schrieb:

      Good! HCE should never have been in me game to begin with. This is meant to be a sandbox open world; but adding HCE meant that everyone can stay safely in town and farm infinite money/exp with absolutely no risk to themselves. Bad design.

      The greatest rewards need to come at the highest risk, out in the open world.
      RIP playerbase, though.

      The world can't absorb the players that would be forced into the open world if we deleted HCE. This means players quit. Which in turn means less players in the open world.

      Watch this happen in the months to come.
    • What about not nerfing Hce and increasing fame in black zone dungeons like 2-3x more?

      Nerfing is a solution for u guys seriously wtf is it?

      Peeps are faming dagger pair until it reaches 30 lvl and getting t6.Then they going for ganging new people or random 1 guy with 4-5 dagger pair.What a pvp game right?
    • AcOrP schrieb:

      How is adding tons of new group dungeons not adapting the world ?
      Even after adding 150% dungeons to the open world, it can't absorb the amount of players doing PvE.

      Yesterday in prime time, 100% of dungeons on Mercia were full. As already stated.

      Obviously there is some extra PvE hype now because patch makes more players play for a bit and the temporary +25% fame bonus. But I don't see it chancing dramatically over the coming months. There needs to be some sort of "protection through size of the world" for open world PvE to happen. The world just isn't big enough, even after the added dungeons.

      In other words, there is both a capacity issue (not enough dungeons) and a size issue (world is so small that you can't really play PvE in prime time without getting interrupted way too often).
    • World size is perfect. Dungeons needs to be contest because Albion is a PVP game.
      PVE is only an aspect, I shoudnt dev focus.
      If you wanna make pve without gank, try Diablo 3, POE or MU online 2.

      HCE is a bad dev system and must be reworked. Like all instanced content. No Fame, No Farm, No Loss, No Risk, only fun and Cosmetic Reward.
    • Sum up of the crybabies action :
      => Up of the OW fame ( good point )
      => Nerf of the HCE silvers ( more elitist parties, cheaper maps, harder for new players to start good HCE, fucking UP people who invested 200m+ in high gear and have taxes) rich people are happy poor people get fucked
      => Random nerf of HCE by stupid modifications of maps (but there are clever modifications too)
      => Even easier to have ULTRABIG alliances in BZ cause now there are a lot of dungeons to make eveyone happy
      => More people in dungeons cause more dungeons => more people getting fucked up by T4 noob gangkers => more people turning to HCE when they'll have the chance to (if they have the skill)

      To sum up, thx crybabies I really took the full benefit of HCE and now others can't. I really feed sad. Sandbox MMORPG is about sharing and enjoying yourself in a game. Not getting the best to fuck everyone up. And it's not because you had it the hard way or you don't like something that is has to be changed to be to your liking. Adapting to the game is the main rules, cause if you do'nt it's maybe because the game isnt meant for you anymore.

      Oh and BTW in all the MMORPG I played which where like Albion, it always left liek the world was empty because people are hidding avoiding trouble when they want to grind ...


      ReiMoozy schrieb:

      Dev where smart enough to understand instanced are mandatory in nowadays MMORPG. Cause it attract people, make an other activities that make the economie healthy (hello top High gear and consummable), and people are on the game just to do some occasionnal PVP. Is it bad ? No cause it makes more people for PVP ... But norrowminded people like you prolly can't understand that 1 aspect of a game can influence every others ...

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    • Pre-merlyn, a lot of dungeons we're underutilized. Right now, they're being fought over mainly because of the 25% fame bonus. I imagine it will find a happy medium over the next few weeks - but overall I'm happy with the changes. Black zone dungeons should give better fame/silver than HCEs. If you were paying attention to the leaderboards over the last two months, you'd have noticed the insane amounts of silver being pumped out by HCE players (over 40 million silver per week, before repair costs). If that was left to continue, and increase as more players started running HCE 10+, economic inflation would have started to get out of control, hurting the new and casual/average playerbase.
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