I miss the solo T8 resource nodes.

  • I miss the solo T8 resource nodes.

    I remember back when we had those giant stacks of T8 that would randomly spawn in a zone which allowed solo gatherer's who happened to discover them before the zergs to nab some of it. Now we are in this state where you have to raid territories at specific times where guard's ping your presence and in some cases you even need some other people to help clear guards for you to mine the nodes.

    Then when it comes to the big world bosses, they are again Zerg content. No love for the elite solo gatherer's. <3 <3 <3

    Give me a like if you wish there were some randomly spawned T8 nodes in the open world again for solo gatherer's to find.

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  • It's hard enough to find enchanted T7, I can't imagine how impossible it would be to find a T8 node in the world.

    Perhaps just tuning territory guards down a little so a solo, non-nature healer had a better chance at killing them would be a better option so long as the amount of time they needed to kill enough guards to get to those nodes left a guild enough time to respond?

    But as for spreading T8 around, I'd be in favor of seeing a couple nodes being put deep in dungeons and such.

    The problem with T8 is the once a day spawn time though. It really isn't going to work in open world unless they increase the spawn time and decrease the enchant chance or something.
  • Hey guys,

    Would be great to hear more details on this from others as well. Some points to consider below:

    How much of this resource would you expect to find in the OW? Would you be willing to give a portion, or even all of this up from the territories? Would be great if you can share specific numbers, e.g. how many nodes per day.

    Would you prefer them to be randomly spawned, or at a fixed point? If they were spawned randomly do you think that the potential harvest would have any impact on your goals within the game? (Keeping in mind that we cannot simply introduce additional resources on top of what exists as it would naturally reduce the exclusivity and thus value of the resource)

    Will be keeping an eye on the thread and passing on the feedback.

    - Evoque
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  • How much of this resource should we expect to find in OW? Preferably none because the spawn time of it would greatly remove the ability for most people to get them. They'd also be so scarce that people wouldn't let them sit and they'd never enchant.

    Should they leave the territories? No, I think the territory approach to T8 resources is fine but additional locations should be available. One thing that does need to change is the layout of some territories need to change because some territories are MUCH easier to sneak in and steal resources than others. Sand and Snow zones for example are infinitely easier than the others.

    How many nodes per day? I think it would be a mistake to make these resources available on open world like T2-7. In my 8 months of playing this game, I've only ever found 3 Tier 7.3 nodes. I've never once seen an 8.2 or 8.3. T8 would have to be more scarce than T7 in open world which means I'll be lucky to ever see a flat one, let alone an enchanted.

    I would like to propose another solution. If you're considering allowing T8 nodes to be available in the open world, would it be that much worse to put them on player islands instead? Introduce a new merchant called a prospector and you are limited to one per account (not one per character, so players can only get 1 max). The prospector would take up a building (or farm) slot on your island and will spawn randomized gathering nodes once a day that follow the normal hourly chance to enchant rule based off whatever value you deem balanced.

    Each tier he'll have a chance to spawn one gathering node at random starting with tier2 resources. So a tier1 prospector could spawn only 1 resource node equal to tier 2 randomly chosen between cotton, ore, lumber, a dead furry animal, or stone. At tier 7 he'd spawn 7 nodes, 1 of each tier 2 through 8, each randomly chosen between 5 resource types. At tier8 he'll gain the ability to spawn a bonus node equal to the type of book he's fed. A t8 generalist will be a random T8 node, a T7 ore journal would be a T7 ore, a T8 cotton would be a T8 cotton node, etc.

    How much harm would this cause to the economy? Especially when you consider you have very few alliances hoarding the vast majority of these resources and nothing trickling down as is?

    If this idea is completely unacceptable, and you're serious about making nodes available in the open world, I would propose you take a hard look at each of the dungeon boss encounters and make them harder so they can no longer be solo'd and then once every X hours, a randomized resource node/furry animal, will spawn by a boss chosen randomly in the dungeon. This way if a dungeon is left unoccupied for Y hours, it could be possible for every boss to have a node. etc.
  • Maybe something like add the same amount of T8 spawns outside of territories but cut the yield of T8 to half the current amount per node. This would keep the total amount of T8 resource the same but make 50% available in territories and 50% in the open world. Also I personally think random spawn is much better to make it less of a zerg activity.
    • T8 Nodes were placed on territories to give a reward for holding them
    • Mages didn't exist by then
    • before being on territories (beta 3 ref.), T8 nodes were in the openworld and had a lot of resources.
    Now that we have mages to give a reward for territory holding, nodes are not necessary on those terris.
    A few points to note are:
    • solo gatherers want to be able to gather T8
    • T8 nodes could be an objective for guilds (like it is sometimes)

    Here is my suggestion about the nodes:
    2 types of T8 nodes could exist:
    1. little ones (27 resources / node)
    2. big ones (??? resources / node)

    1. Little ones may appear anywhere in T8 maps (all around blackzone raids)
    2. Big ones appear daily on some "hotspots" on the T8 maps and may be fight incentive.
  • In my opinion, T8 nodes should stay where they are. I think that the layouts of forest,swamps and highlands territories should change and guards should be moved around a bit. It's really difficult to steal t8 node from another guild with a massive zerg or 2x nature healers. Also, the reset times should switch up. Right now, t8 wood in Mercia and Cumbria is exclusive to NA playing people. By the time Europeans wake up, all the stealable nodes are already stolen.
  • If they did add T8 resources to open world I believe it should be a random chance for them to spawn, at a random time (balancing probabilities for NA/EU times), and in a random area within the map tile. I also believe it should not be guaranteed to spawn everyday. For example:

    At a random time in the servers cycle, any one of the standard T1 Trees in Heart of the Forest could be replaced with a T8/8.1/8.2/8.3.

    If you made the chance for them to even spawn very low, people could not reliable check for the resources. It would then become an option for solo players to gather (if they found it first) or a guild to find and call reinforcements for, and potentially fight with other guilds for. Creating a more fluid experience.

    With the activity of these zones I doubt any one player or group would be able to gather it in its entirety without interruption and perhaps a change in the player/guild gathering it. So having a larger quantity available to gather could stiill be allowable within the economy as long as the rarity of this even occurring is high enough.

    In the current state of the game, considering the large guild/alliance occupation of certain areas, I don't believe adding an anywhere near regular spawn of T8 for the open would would open up more access to solo players/smaller guilds trying to compete, as it wouldn't be long before they were called out in chat and protected by the nearest territory owner's guild/alliance.
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  • Currently I think t8 takes too long to chop; if your going with a mage stealing group; as a t8 gatherer. They can finish the mages before you can finish chopping trees. Also the build up on gathering gear stacks seems outdated and pointless. If your willing to risk more bringing your gathering gear to swap while doing mages it seems to me that you should be able to have the benefit without waiting so long. When robbing mages the time to cut/wait for gathering gear to ramp up is just too long; and most likely they will respond and be on you. From the stealing end t8 gathering isn't worth the risk most of the time it's flat nodes they waiting for enchants. Gathering for a owned territory is different. Im not sure how fast u gather it with nice spec; but getting that is very hard without a dedicated stealing group vs owning a Terri to farm.

    Having a few trees in mercia would open up some solo gathering; wouldn't mind hurt to have a few spawn in t8 zone; likely won't even change much. If your like me my t8 warchests are just chalked full of goodies that never leave the war chests anyways. I never want to risk moving it back to town x.x. It would just be a way to gain some t8 chopping fame.
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