Hellion Shoes over nerfed

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    • Hellion Shoes over nerfed

      Just wanted to point out how the hellion shoes used to be something unique, yes, they were very strong, but with the rework they no longer have much appeal.
      Lets look at a comparison:

      Gap CloserXX
      Healing ReductionX
      Damage BoostX

      So the change has basically removed the invulnerability, the interrupt, and the healing reduction;
      it has instead given us a questionable disengage and a damage boost while leaving the invisibility and gap closer basically the same.

      IMO the 2 secs of invisibility are not a huge advantage on their own especially since the target still gets the huge X over their head so they can predict exactly what you are doing
      and if I want a damage buff I can use to engage or disengage I can take royal sandals or stalker shoes.

      While the hellion shoes were very strong and could maybe could have been brought into balance by just removing the invulnerability or changing the healing reduction to damage boost,
      it looks like they will become another gimmicky skill that tries to feel unique but in reality will either not find that much use or become the new meta simply due to the damage boost ((Boring)).

      So I guess I shouldn't say they have been over nerfed in the sense that buffing the current numbers will fix it, I just think the skill has gone the way of the Redemption staff and is not nearly as interesting as it used to be.

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    • IkeHyran schrieb:

      While the hellion shoes were very strong
      so why no on used it ?

      u forgot smthing :
      - new c/d 30 sec -> 20 sec
      - new can be casted on ally
      - now channeling can be cancelled
      - now u can move during channel
      - free 35% dmg boost for all clases ( if ur not meele just use it on ally)
      - removed stupid knockback

      IkeHyran schrieb:

      So the change has basically removed the invulnerability, the interrupt
      removed interupt ? going into invisible is a interrupt of any spell so nothing changed

      new hellion shoes looks OP compared to old one