Suggestion: Consumable crafting recipes

  • Suggestion: Consumable crafting recipes


    [*] Let me mention that I find that the guild and player made island all looks the same and this is an attempt to make each one unique.
    [*] To prevent players from monopolizing a recipe, I suggest a limit on how many item can be crafted before the recipe is consumed. This is also to encourage players to: A) Go out in the open world to look for recipes and B) to trade or auction recipes with other players.
    [*] These items can only be used on player and guild islands, not on cities. They can be placed either outside the island or inside houses. If it's inside the house, the items will consume the furniture limit.
    [*] Kind of sad to see that houses in the islands are mainly just for chests and workers. While there are different trophies, beds and tables; they're only useful for the workers and not for the players themselves. This is to encourage players to open up their islands for visitors maybe for a small fee? Access restrictions on structures and items should still be in place to prevent theft or looting.
    [*] Common recipes can be used more often (5-10 times), rare recipes a lot shorter that common ones (2-4 times) and rare recipes can only be used once or twice. Recipes can also vary by biome e.g. wood based recipes are more common in Lymhurst etc.
    [*] Impact on PVP. I can foresee 2 or 3 players fighting over a recipe node or a few gankers waiting near a unique recipe to ambush other players.

    From a lore perspective:

    Various notes and scribbles left untouched for a thousand years were recently discovered by adventurers all over Albion. Much like the hidden treasures that were recently uncovered, these recipes can be found all over the open world and can sometimes be acquired from fields, fishing, roaming mobs and dungeons. These recipes are ancient and as such they can only be used for a limited time. There have been rumors that some adventurers have found recipes that last longer.

    Examples of common recipes:
    "Old wooden fence" - recipe only be crafted 8 times before the recipe disintegrates.
    "Wooden Bookshelf" - can only be crafted 5 times.
    "Old Lamp" - can only be crafted 6 times.

    Examples of rare recipes:
    "Steel Gate" - can only be crafted 2 times.
    "Armor Stand" - can only be crafted 3 times.
    "Outdoor stone table" - can only be crafted 2 times.

    Examples of unique recipes:
    "Ancient Altar" - can only be crafted 1 time.
    "Map Table" - can only be crafted 1 time.
    "Fireplace" - can only be crafted 1 time.

    Thanks for reading!