LF A New Guild

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    • LF A New Guild

      Hello. My name is Mike and I am 33 year old Canadian who speaks three languages and works at a police station [#notacop]. I am looking for a new guild.

      Character Name:

      My Albion History:
      I started playing on release day with The Filthy Casuals. Eventually I got to patrolling Roostcliff with them on a regular basis which was fun; I really enjoyed the comradely the people I was playing with were great. I do not know why, but we then shifted to Fricks so I followed my guildmates there. I regularly attended guild events, obeyed rules, etc. Then my wife and I had our first baby so I took a several month break. I am back on a regular albeit more casual basis and am looking for "content".

      What I am Looking For:
      I would like to do more black zone PvP and other endgame content. I would like to have a guild that controls some areas and maybe even own a black zone city. I do not expect I will ever be good enough to do a 5v5 fight for a territory though I have and want to contribute during larger GvG fighting.

      What I have, what I can do, what I can provide:
      I can gather T6 Ore, Lumber, Skin and T7 Cloth, Stone [Nearly at T8]. I can refine T7 stone and have been upgrading my labourer houses. I am also 100 farmer with a variety of related resources. I am an excellent druid healer and enjoy doing it; one of the secrets to being an excellent healer is to not combat looting. I have a PvP build well leveled and have been working on diversifying my healing portfolio.
    • Hi Mike,

      Our guild might be a good fit for what you. We play 90% of our time in the blackzone, currently hold a black zone city (in a snow biome) and we are a mature guild (average age somewhere around 30ish) that supports people who have real life jobs/families/responsibilities (we have a number of players who are married with children). We're primarily NA with some EU timezone based and we don't have mandatory requirements for membership outside of having discord and a mic. If you want to learn a little more about us, check out our recruitment thread here and let me know if you have any questions: