Farming Gathering gear

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    • Farming Gathering gear

      I got this idea from another thread, and I have been pondering about it.

      As all gathering sets the set would have bonuses and spells as follow:

      1. Passive bonuses: Unlike the other gathering equipment, farms offer no risk, so it shouldn't have the yield bonus, instead it could have a passive 30% reduction (total) on time spent while planting a crop of the same tier of the gear or lower, and 15% reduction on food required (total) to feed animals of the same tier or lower. (These bonuses are split among head,chest and feet items)
      2. Farming Tools (Shovel/Watering/Brush) (weapon) [Q]: Collect a crop where the character stands or collect products/puppies from animals;
      3. Farming Tools (Shovel/Watering/Brush) (weapon) [W]: Water crops/ Nurture animals (where the character stands)
      4. Farming Tools (Shovel/Watering/Brush) (weapon) [E]: Plant seed/ Place animal (where the character stands, animal placed will be the first found in the inventory - like the way fame books are chosen)
      5. Farmer Garments (chest) [R]: no spell other then the passive bonus
      6. Farmer Hat (head) [D]: no spell other then the passive bonus
      7. Farmer Boots (feet) [F]: Speed bonus for some time (enough for quick planting an entire field if you are quick)
      8. Farmer's sack (back): Passive reduction on weight of crops/animals of the same tier or lower.
      It's just an idea, I wouldn't mind if the sets were split in farmer and breeder sets... Can work for herbalists too...
    • gmatagmis schrieb:

      Unlike gatherer gear, game will have no leak into the trash of farming gear. Market will be owerwhelmed in days, and items will become useless like chicken eggs, or low tier trophies.
      Awesome Idea..... Make it only last 1 hour. So you would need to use a set every day.
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