The Future of Albion Online?

  • The Future of Albion Online?

    Hi everyone, I’m kind of here to get s piece of mind about the game, I’ve been playing around 4 months now, and I’ve got to the stage where I feel like Albion Online lacks so much contents, the graphics I terms of Armour and Wepons are very plain the almost all look the same, the sceniory is very bog standard snow, dessert, Forrest, and it seem to lack in things to really do. I’ve come from playing Runescape and there is endless things to do. I’m not here to slag Albion off because I think they have done a cracking job of the game I’m just pointing certain area I feel need to be addressed. Can anyone tell me if the developers have said they plan making Albion with more content or is this the base foundation of the game which is just follow up with minor tweaks in the game. I feel like if they added more scenic dungeons and area with a bigger variation of bosses also added questing to make it more interesting ect... it would be so much better. All I want is a piece of mind about this game before I invest all my time into it. Which i really really want to do. Thanks a lot please get back to me with any information you feel I might need to know or anything I’m missing about the game. :D
  • Nobody ever, not even governments or banks, can provide an absolute certainty. Most services or investments or dilemmas are up to us to decide if is worth it.

    That said, to help you if I can, the developers have demonstrated that they release frequent patches and updates and hotfixes. They have frequent and solid communication. They seem ambitious and considerate. All those are positive signs regarding your concerns.
  • You have little time in the game and I even understand what you are saying, however....

    This game already had only one biome in which the only difference was between yellow red and black -> they added a greater variety in the maps, they distributed the resources in the same way and not all the maps with everything.
    We have the royal island divided in two and with two completely independent economies -> they redesigned the continent and added the market and players on the same map.
    We had a small black zone, which then passed to a giant -> now a medium sized much more balanced (modular that can be increased)
    The PvE has already been a little more fun, derived from a design of different dungeons however, -> there were several changes in the Mobs and the Boss in the dungeons who in the open world and without a shadow of doubt is not an area that is completed, there is a lot of work to be done but there is also a lot of sand to be worked on.
    We had direct passage to the black zone, we had harbours -> we have portals.
    The resources were all over the open world mixed from T2 to T8 -> are now selected by the maps and the T8 in the territories.
    We had 3 weapons/armour per branch -> now we have 6
    We had a problem with 3 cities and they created a problem in 5 with a Capital but -> now they will try to fix it with a huge update because they understood error that was generated.
    Among other hundreds of repairs, corrections, alterations and the like in the game

    There is still a tremendous increase in the game's improvement and this is what makes me excited! :thumbsup:
    At this time you have nothing on the market within the genre of Albion Online (although there are many games already in alpha stages to follow their footsteps) but SBI has everything at its disposal to make this game a great reference for the future of video game industry.

    We have a good community. (not perfect but not toxic) 8)
    We have a team that can hear the players and interact with them with confidence (even if they do not "listen" to all the players' warnings :cursing: ) and most of the time they listen to our opinions. (they are not perfect 8| , for each one has his pride :whistling: , but so far they are here for us)

    Now SBI, go back to work, there is stuff to do! :evil:

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  • Fooky wrote:

    Merlyn will be great if you are part of a zerg. Crap update if you are part of a small group or mostly play solo. Sad thing is they think it's a small group / solo boost.

    if big groups go to participate in this, leaves more room for solo/small scale pvp in blackzone, as it will be less populated, and when hype dies down from merlyn, you will only see small scale/solo pvp in royals.

    RAGNAR12 wrote:

    n RuneScape and ESO there so many bosses some many dungeons and different scenic routes

    so, exactly the same thing, just reskinned, thats not content

    Also I prefer to just grind grind grind rather than to read quests and go there and there LOL

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  • Fooky wrote:

    tabooshka wrote:

    if big groups go to participate in this, leaves more room for solo/small scale pvp in blackzone, as it will be less populated, and when hype dies down from merlyn, you will only see small scale/solo pvp in royals.
    They are making Faction participation nearly mandatory. I highly doubt it will ever be a solo/small group activity.
    No, they are not making it nearly mandatory.
  • tabooshka wrote:

    No, they are not making it nearly mandatory.
    Here's one fact for you... there are more but I don't want to take time to remember.

    New resource for crafting Capes that are relevant for combat are a reward for Faction Warfare.

    Is it going to be mandatory to use them? Yes. Therefore the zergs in the BZ must either buy them all or send a zerg to get the recourses. Do you think the zergs are going to send solo/duo people to get them? LoL
  • tabooshka wrote:

    I dont think you are aware how factions work and what amount of points you get for activities, you get dogshit rewards in a zerg group, so VERY COOL FACT DUDE, too bad you are clueless
    Anyone that thinks faction warfare will be solo / small group activity is clueless. BTW my definition of Zerg is probably different in this case. They said it was SOLO / SMALL Scale so any group larger than 3 is a ZERG. Zerg is relative to intended group size for the activity. For example more than 2 in a SOLO dungeon is a zerg, you see pathetic groups of 10 running solo dungeons.

    The entire Merlyn update is designed to bring zergs to the RC.

    2 of each biome will be the best place to gather T4-5 enchanted resources. As we all know you need 4.3 - 7.3 to make your 8.3. You think the zergs will buy all the 4/5 or will they send a zerg to lock down the zones and gather all the recourses? My guess is the zerg will be common in those zones.