Courier (carry load) passive on boots

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    • Courier (carry load) passive on boots

      As you can see on the image below, the courier skill visually gets cluster reduction in yellows but the actual "+ max load" stays the same. I have no idea if cluster reduction is actually intended or not on the courier passive (or on the bags), but ATM they are not in effect. This is a crucial factor in the mid level faction transport missions.

      Some other less important bugs while we're at it:
      1.) Missing a ground tile near the NE gate of Malag Crevasse.
      2.) Audio bugs: can't hear the sound of a fish biting the bait; sometimes no gathering sound or horse sounds.
      3.) (Intended?) When you enter a lesser hellgate faction flagged, you lose your flag (which is the way it should be to disallow receiving faction points for faming there), but you don't get your flag back after exiting the instance. Maybe it's intended. IMO you shouldn't be able to enter while faction flagged to avoid any (very unlikely) abouse of this feature.

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    • Thanks @LamaPeter The carry load passive doesn't scale with cluster softcap as intended - the tooltip is scaled which is wrong.

      1. Thanks! You can also report any environmental bugs in game via #bug command in chat (for example: #bug hole in ground here)
      2. Thanks, do you remember which resources you've gathered / locations?
      3. That's intended, you lose faction flag when you enter hellgate/arena/expedition.