SUN is Recruiting

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    • SUN is Recruiting

      Hello gentlemen and ladies,

      Sun is looking for new players to join the ranks, and maybe our playstyle suits you:

      Primary playstyles in SUN.
      PVP/GVG/HG interested players
      Gatherer groups
      Hard core expeditions
      minimal forced gameplay (reset day mainly)

      What types of people are we looking for:
      -Interested in becoming a better player
      -English speaking
      -Mature, no trash talking or racism.
      -able to have fun
      -interested in a solid community to play the game with

      Guild strength level:
      We have a strong track record for the first year of Albion, but currently we are beaten back by a combination of lacking players due to Summer holidays, and being attacked by POE, ALONE and OOPS at the same time. Peace in Cumbria and Mercia always means trouble in Anglia :).
      We own city plots in Anglia and 1 in Mercia, with a strong economy and administration.
      We are not part of the zerg alliances, likely never will be.

      We are looking for more players that fits the above description, and if you are interested or have further questions then join our discord link below, and pm Frank Sinatra or write in public for a small chat with me or another available officer.

      We look forward to hear from you !

      /Frank Sinatra
    • Hello,
      I'm a newer player to Albion Online and searching for a mature pvp end game guild.
      I've been playing for roughly a month and having fun with it but now I'm seeking a little bit more
      pvp end game focused content with structured goals and meaningful game play.
      I currently play melee dps with daggers and staff as well as a mace tank.
      I'm currently in a casual friendly guild and would like to say my goodbyes if I were to be considered to your community.
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