LFG Casual Player seeks (DE/EN) Guild without high demand obligation.

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    • LFG Casual Player seeks (DE/EN) Guild without high demand obligation.

      Hello my name is Jorval and i'am new to Albion,

      However i played a lot of MMOs in the past, due the lack of MMOs on Linux i played fewer and fewer. Last GW2 with wine but most of the times i have fun with some friends (mostly old MMO players) playing Rocket League or other Games together.
      Somehow i missed the grind ;) i tried Albion now for 2 Days and liked it.

      What Iam not: i won't be a 24/7 ready to be called guild member, these times are over. i have a job, a wife, friends and a lot of other games i love playing (factorio and minecraft can be timesinks to ;) )
      What i like to do in AO: From time to time do the grind, craft and play a dungeon (or Expedition) in a group and then go back to normal life ;)

      I know that this is unsual, normally MMOs tend to be all-in and most players are like that. so finding a small guild that adds a additional member like me doesn't seem to look very successful.
      So if you're a guild of just for fun players without expectations and looking for a new member give me a note.

    • Hey Jorval,

      I like to tell you a little about our guild, Adhara.

      Adhara is an International guild, we are looking for members to participate in fundamental activies in the game, consider things like Fame Farming (PvE Dungeons), gathering and crafting. We are a guild that's looking to teach newer members about the game and completely understand that people have actual lives they have to put first before a game.

      We have a few mandatory events, these are not events you are expected to come online for, however if you are online during the time of the event (playing albion anyway) then we do expect participation in the event. We also keep a schedule of events in our guild discord so you can keep an eye on content that you might want to log in for, this is purely for your own benefit so you aren't stuck doing nothing during the time you are online. To keep the content going, we are in good standing with a few guilds and use a private PUG (pick up group) discord server that additional content gets posted in.

      We try to be an organised and structured guild with competitive intentions, and we believe its not required to be a hardcore player to fulfill those intentions. You can have a casual role in our guild and still have a good time :D

      If you're interested in hearing more, or would like to join, join this discord and we can have a chat :D