Feedback on the Winter 2015 Alpha test

  • Feedback on the Winter 2015 Alpha test

    Please understand that this feedback is based on my gameplay as a solo casual healer or from my time with various Twitch streamers.

    I) The Four cities dilemma (Kings, Queens, Newhearth, and the Port): Despite Winter's short duration, the configuration of the ship costs made the various port cities seem more like separate districts of the same city rather than independent cities. It isn't instant transport that is the problem, but that sailing to the other side of Albion has the same cost as sailing to the next port. This likely undermines transportation, merchant, and bandit professions as it decreases the value of overland transport.

    II) 1 Ticket to Gilligan's Island: Please Balance plot costs. It was less expensive to run my operations at 50% tax on 2 - 3 player islands (shared with other players) than it was to utilize city plot based vendors (possibly 70% tax rate for vendors to make a small profit). It would be nice if city vendors could turn a small profit at 40% or even 50% fees. This may already have been resolved when plot costs were reduced toward the end of the Winter alpha. I would also like to see the boatman paid a small fee to transport players back and forth to their island, even 10 silver (no free lunch). If you do introduce said fee, ensure there is a way players can escape from their island though (if they have no currency what-so-ever (else it would be Gilligan's Island).

    III)The Master Gatherer: Those repairmen and tinkerers must be master gatherers, as they put forward all the materials required to repair your broken or damaged belongings. Also, for Tier 1 and Tier 2 they work for free, those nice charitable chaps. To resolve the misunderstanding with repair costs (total silver cost, not crafting silver cost) and to keep players from abusing the free to repair, I suggest that (1) players need to bring the materials required to repair their gear and (2) based on item tier (all tiers included), the repairman will charge a silver repair cost (also ensures that the repair shop owner makes a profit). Also, please don't give silver back on salvage.

    IV)Please introduce horizontal progression, so that (1) there is greater value in specialization, (2) longer lasting value of lower tier resources, and (3) tie benefits to horizontal progression so that it undermines the practical value of the practice of utilizing a single account for all building, crafting, and repair for a guild.

    V) A reprise from a point in my summer 2014 alpha feedback, for a better balance: Please increase the targets for overall adventurer fame ... I was able to craft all Tier 5 buildings before I had finished Tier 2 objectives ... what is the point? Also, disassociate non-housing building unlocks from the overall adventurer fame to further slow the pace of progression, and to undermine the practical value of the practice of utilizing a single account for building, crafting, and repair for a guild. Reassign them to appropriate objectives or mastery unlocks throughout the destiny board.

    VI)I did get tired of seeing foxes and wolves killed for their kill fame only, wasting the fur, since they were easy kills. As a possible improvement, please let foxes aggro when a player is attacking (similar to wolves in the Spring 2014 alpha test).

    VII)To increase the value of feeding vendors, perhaps if the food meter is at zero (building durability now being hit), have excellent quality level of crafting be the maximum achievable.

    VIII)To decrease the value of scouting accounts, introduce blurred vision (similar to the red heavy damage screen overlay but more like the Sims piracy censorship :) ) for those players with limited activity levels in PvP zones. If they remain, Royal guards would not protect players who are in or have recently had blurred "inactivity" vision. Blurred vision will go away after some activity (more than a few clicks).

    IX)Introduce a visual representation, in-game, of guild rank permissions. This was an issue for more than 1 Twitch streamer, as they found only officer rank and above could feed territories

    X)For trade at the auction houses, please introduce some method of handling the Tsunami of 1s buy orders. It detracted from the overall value of the auction house. I imagine it is either a question of limits on buy orders (even scaling limits) or filters.

    As always, let me know your thoughts! :)
  • III)The Master Gatherer: - With this point i feel it would be better if you had the choice... Either pay the large silver cost to repair or with your own materials do the repair.. even a combination of both. This wouldnt force those that dont gather/craft to have to purchase materials to repair but would also allow those that do the option at a reduced silver cost repair

    The rest are good suggestions as expected (some i wasnt aware of because of my different playstyle)
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    Mar 2nd 2015 - Hi @Pagodin ,

    very good formatting. Makes it easy to quickly get what you are aiming for.
    Consider yourself as part of the pvp testing team (in case you want to)!


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  • Having discussed this a bit on the IRC with @Pagodin , a possible idea came to light about point 3.

    My goals had been (1) increased sinks for materials, (2) Understandable repair costs, (3) having repair costs at each tier, and (4) removal of silver on salvage.

    If as Pagodin suggests, there is an option for large silver repair cost or large materials with a flat tier silver cost:
    • The repairman should track his material deficits. Perhaps he can buy mats from players up to a point to cover his material costs to repair. While this may seem like NPC buy orders (it basically is) it is limited based on actual (past) material demand and player actions.
    • Perhaps on salvage, return materials or silver. If players take silver, the theoretical salvaged materials can be added to the repairman's supply
    • If you want it to be even a bit more realistic, track the silver the repairman gets from players. Maybe he will only return silver on salvage while he has silver to spare. In this way silver is never "created" from the salvage process, rather it comes from previous player/NPC interactions.
    Again, let me know your thoughts. :)
  • for the escape, what about payment in resources rather then silver or gold? Maybe a resource that is found on your island something like 100x t2 wood? or a combination of low tier resources? Could be good for the game in general, giving value to low level resources if it was the only source on and off the island(low tier resources). just a thought.
  • Hi Zetecua,

    thanks as always for the great feedback.

    Here are some comments on a few of your points:

    I) This was probably not intentional on our part, as far as I know we can set relative silver costs for each fast travel route.
    II) There is a not yet announced feature planned that will drastically change the plot upkeep system and should lead to prices really being determined by the players themselves. Unfortunately, it will likely not make it into the next alpha test yet. Of course, we can always make some general balance adjustments, such as reducing upkeep costs for city plots.
    III) In the current system, food consumption and silver costs for crafting are both tied to the tier of the item. As tier 2 gear does not cost silver, it also does not consume any food. If it did, there would be an exploit of shutting down a building by crafting a lot of tier 2 there. As tier 1 and tier 2 are really considered as special case newbie tiers, it is likely that we won't make a change to this.
    IV) We will add additional items on an ongoing basis, which will further strengthen the horizontal progression within a tier. Also, we are reworking the overall economy such that lower tier resources are required to craft higher tier gear, too.
    VI) Note that if a fox is killed and not skinned, no fur is lost from the system - he will respawn with the same amount of fur as before and can eve accumulate extra fur charges while dead.
    VII) Or: not allow people to craft if food is at 0?
    VIII) Naked scouting is a super tricky and hotly debated topic. I do not think that reducing vision would solve it. Minimum gear requirements in certain zones might, but this has other issues and drawbacks. We will keep thinking about this issue and test different solutions.
    IX) I think everybody should be able to feed a territory at all times, independent from guild rank. Wouldn't that be better?
    X) We do not really consider this to be a bad thing to be honest. Once more people do active trading, they will probably disappear as there will be genuine competition for the prices.

    All the best,
  • Korn wrote:

    Hi Zetecua,

    thanks as always for the great feedback.

    VIII) Naked scouting is a super tricky and hotly debated topic. I do not think that reducing vision would solve it. Minimum gear requirements in certain zones might, but this has other issues and drawbacks. We will keep thinking about this issue and test different solutions.

    Naked scout rambles.

    If naked in yellow/red/black zones mob aggro range greatly increased, boars / wolves aggro from off the screen and everything else aggros as soon as you can see them.

    For every piece of gear that is not worn increase aggro range like above on everyone. This only applies to missing pieces not broken red pieces you're wearing, unless they were not broken in the current zone you're traveling through.

    just do that for starters and see how it goes.