The Skeleton King of BW , Duke of Caerleon

    • The Skeleton King of BW , Duke of Caerleon

      Greetings dear folks that inhabit the lands of Albion . And most dearly the amazing people of Bridgewatch .

      The time is now , a great King has awakened…

      Allmost one year ago the lands of Albion became available to us . From the very first hours due to a gold bug I managed to get a shop in the outskirts of Bridgewatch. Goal completed and since the steppes surounding the city favored leather I opened a Hunter's lodge. Life was good as a casual shopkeeper/crafter of leather armor and gatherer for a month or 2 and I set my personal endgame goal on a caerleon lot. But then the bids came . An attempt to get the prices up because of a plague that made population drop to half and made the greedy shopkeepers earn less. Trough the Bravery of Willibald Bridgewatch was pretty cheap to craft.

      For months I tried to keep Alliance with the folks who had more silver and gold then me to leave me alone with the biddings while I kept buying shops near my corner, the SouthEast corner of BridgeWatch.

      Now, the time had come , owned a full corner in BW , lost some silver in a venture into Lymhurst and even to test center of BW wich didn't pay off. But finally a Toolsmith plot came available at a descent price in the main city. Secured the lot and uped the prices for toolsmithing only to have Saya sell her toolsmith to Zwerg and down went the price to 3 . A few weeks of bad earnings and abdulkarim selling his cheap woodworker I decided to make a woodshop and uped the taxes and life in Caerleon is great.

      In Bridgewatch on the other hand we finally had a trade agreement including willibald …

      One bidding cycle later all hell broke loose upon Bridgewatch, people trading lots to alts , putting them up for sale and dropping craftrates to allmost free. Only to slowly rebuild the same shops now in awaiting of Merlin. So prices dropped but the same folks still own most of the city ,makes no sense at all.

      With all this playing I decided to step up as yours truly , the one and only Knight in Tights, Skeleton King of Bridgewatch, Duke of Caerleon. In Bridgewatch I will match lowest price so available for any deal if some whale that wants to save us. In Caerleon I will hold to any agreement and planning to expand when winter comes.

      Yours truly ,
      Knight in Tights, Skeleton King of Bridgewatch, Duke of Caerleon: Caelis
      Caelis ,The Skeleton King of Bridgewatch
      Boradir, Duke of Caerleon

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