Merchant's Code Gathering/Crafting Merchant Guild now recruiting!

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    • Merchant's Code Gathering/Crafting Merchant Guild now recruiting!

      We are currently based out of Thetford and are small and new but most of our members have played previous games where we fully ran a successful merchant guild! We have a good infrastructure with a solid way for everyone to benefit!

      We will pay you for the stacks of materials you bring us along with free access without taxes to our buildings on the guild island and also provide ox's to help with your gathering!

      We aim to be the richest guild in albion as well as have every merchant/gatherer in our guild rich! We will also provide dungeon runs and other PvE and PvP events!

      Add LauraReborn in game if you have any questions or wish to join!

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    • Hello, I'm interested in your guild.
      Will contact you when I get back from work.
      Some questions:
      1. Is Discord required? Because I don't really like to talk for some reasons. Sorry about that. (I still can use it to listen to you guys when thing is needed tho)
      2. I'm a newbie, just got to t4 skinning, is that fine for you guys?
      3. I can only play the game at night in NA timezone (about 5-7 am in in-game time), can we still meet during that time?
      Thank you for reading.
    • Nothing but a shameless bump! We are still actively taking in both new and old players. If you are seeking for a place that's currently small and friendly this is definitely the best place. We are working towards focusing on engaging our members into more PvE adventures as well as dipping our toes in some PvP(Arena).

      Also, our choice of communication is discord. And it would be generally nice to talk with you a bit before joining. Mics aren't required btw but are nice.

      Feel free to get in touch with us through here or in-game.

      People of contact: Kriston, LauraReborn, RebornLaura and LordThrax

      P.S. We do understand that people have lives and jobs. So even if you can only play a few times a week, we would still welcome you!