Winter alpha feedback

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    • Winter alpha feedback

      1) not a fan of fast travel so would like to see boats removed: trade caravans - mercs have more work, you cant go farm silver just anywhere, you can call some place really your home, might help the economy and also drive more pvp.

      2) zergs are an issue: make bigger maps or get rid of alliances. Even now it is easy for a zerg to find targets on a map because map is small for zergs. Imagine zerg of 200 or so after release on these maps.

      3) love farming ^^

      4) get rid of the flagging system or change it. Buff or red dot are imo horrible mechanics for full loot game

      5) seems like you try to force eventually all players to the red zones: I'd like to see different place for big guys and different place for smaller guys - like EvE has it.

      6) progression ok for alpha but too fast after release

      7) more horintozal progression would be nice

      Edit: 8) i get farming terrirories but thats it. Resource or dungeon territory should be removed.

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