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    • [MVP][HOSTILES] GvGs/HGs/HCEs/ZvZs/FFs


      We are a tight knit community.
      We have 5-10 actives on at most times of day.
      We pride ourselves on being successful and tested in pvp.

      My tag in-game is SoloS.
      I'm the guild leader of Hostiles.
      I'm a military vet who has played Albion Online since beta.

      Daily fame farms and gank squads.
      A tight knit community that offers a chance to compete in high end BZ content.
      Free use of guild island's T6 buildings located in Caerleon.
      A donation based reward system.
      Earning silver by helping the guild. (Inquire 4 more info)
      A low tax rate of 0-25% (depending on activity to fund guild events)

      New and returning players are welcome to join.
      Military and vets are encouraged to join.

      Contact SoloS in-game to join.
      Discord is required.
      Hostiles is recruiting new and returning players.

      HCEs/HGs/GvGs are our primary focus.

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