• That-Which-Must-Be-Done

    Greetings, friends. First of all I would like to apologise for my bad English. I've played alfa from the start till the end, and found this game very good. Currently there is no any game like that in all MMO word. But, since it's alfa, I would like developers and comunity to check my suggestions about it.
    1. PVP - it's a basic part of the game, and I found it very intresting. For now game seems to be balanced and all is OK, but I didn't like players number information, which appeared, when you are entering the area. As for me it makes PVP easier - you can just check dungeon, find group inside and suggets to beat/not to beat them, accordign to their qty. But where is the adventure spirit? Also, sometime there is very hard to find an enemy, which is needed to be killed, so it will be good, if you will think about some type of battleground.

    2. PVE - is basec part of the game to. How will you craft weapons to kill your enemies, if you have no gold? I found this part of the game a bit boaring - al mobs are the same, dungeons are the same, tacktics are the same. So, from my point of view you need:
    - more different mobs
    - more different dungeons
    - more different bosses (which also may spawn randomly) with different tacticks
    I think it will make PVE more dynamic.

    3. Gathering
    - kindly make resource gathering continuous - there will be no requirement to click to resource "100-times-per-second" to gather it
    - you can dilute gathering with some PVE. For example - you are starting to gather mine, but it only looks like mine - actually it's a sleeping iron/gold/steel golem, which is very powerfull and doesn't like any1, which disturbed him. This golem should be like a powerfull raid boss, and when it will be killed, there will be a lot of resources insie. Ofcource this golems should be only in t4+ mines, trees, stones and etc.

    4. Crafting - all is needed is more types of armor

    5. Skills - as for me, more skills, which could be used, will be better. Now panel got 5 skills, as for me sheir qty should be 9-10

    Hope my post above isn't borin :)