Judicator helmet needs a change.

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    • Judicator helmet needs a change.

      Hi after recent nerf to judicator helmet we all can see what happened with it, it went from 400-500k to 100k right now and it looks like it's going to get lower. Reason behind it is because in short time it got two big nerfs, idk if i ever seen anything nerfed that bad in such a short time.

      First it's range got reduced and that was ok, the latest change that made it have cast time made it extremely useless. Basically what happens now you have to cast it for 1.2 second and it will stun everything in its aoe for 2 seconds, now mind you, people got cc duration reductions in this game, people got merc helmets that can simply cleanse it, there is so many stun removal items that the judi helmet in it's current state is totally useless.

      My ideas how to bring it back to life are following:
      1) reduce it's cooldown, 1minute cd for 2s stun is far too long in it's current shape
      2) remove the cast time but make the caster stunned as well, this probably would be the best way to remake the item, it will act as a double edged sword, it would work like old judicator helmet but just stun you too.
      3) remove the item, in it's current state it's just a waste of disk space

      Some of you will call me salty because judi was op, yes it was op, it got nerfed and now it's useless, imo devs wants us to use relic weapons/armors etc but if they nerf them so hard, what's the point of them then?